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Here’s an easy to use addition for Lightroom that allows you to export your photos into a new folder while retaining the original folder hierarchy.

By way of an example, all my original (RAW) photos are stored in:

e.g. Z:\Pictures\Originals\2010\2010-01-11 Aconcagua

I want a low resolution (e.g. 1920 x 1080 JPEG) mirror of the equivalent folder hierarchy stored in:

Z:\Pictures\Low Resolution
e.g. Z:\Pictures\Low Resolution\2010\2010-01-11 Aconcagua


  • Export photos into a new folder with a folder hierarchy matching the original photos
  • Export photos to a Lightroom Publish Services album (album names are auto-generated from the photo folder names) (new)

Download “Tree Mirror Export”

Please let me know how you get on with this plug-in and leave a comment below.

If you make use of this Tree Mirror Export plug-in then kindly consider making a contribution towards its development via PayPal. Every penny or cent gratefully received.

See here for the plug-in listing on Adobe Lightroom Exchange.

For information on how to install and use the plug-in and for a bit of version history, click the following links:

Thanks to Jeffrey Friedl and Rob Cole for the various Lightroom SDK tips and tricks that they’ve shared via Web sites and forums.

32 thoughts on “Tree Mirror Export”

  1. Tried to donate for Tree Export, but PayPal insisted on me giving my county in my address field. The only options were counties in the UK. I live in the US.

    1. Hi, I certainly appreciate you attempting to make a donation. I’m pretty sure there is nothing UK specific about the link. I’ve just tried the link and PayPal asked me to choose my country at the top of the form – I could certainly choose United States. Thanks.

  2. 1. The ‘Installation Instructions’ link brings me to an “Instructions for Use” discussion, which assumes the plugin is up and running.

    2. I downloaded and extracted all .zip files. My LR 5.3 CC Plugin Manager does not find anything when I try to ‘add’ and navigate to the download folder…

    What am I missing?

    1. Hi,
      Oops – yes that Installation link wasn’t directing you to the right place. I’ve fixed it now.
      Could you try following the proper installation instructions?
      I know a lot of people have followed those instructions and I haven’t had any recent feedback saying people were getting stuck, so please let me know if I need to add further help. Adobe do not make installing plug-ins particularly easy so do let me know if I can make my instructions easier to follow.

    2. Wham, Boom! Success.
      That’s all I had to do ~ read your directions and pay attention.
      Thanks for fixing that link, I’m up and running just fine.
      Your very quick and generous comments in the email to me are greatly appreciated.
      Have fun.

    1. Sorry for disturbing again. I extracted the folder and put it in my plugin folder with my other plugins, namely:

      C:\programmes\adobe\Adobe photoshop lightroom lightroom 5.2\Lightroom-plugins\treemirrorexport.lrplugin

      Its there, and it shows up in the plugin-manager as activated and running.

      But if I want to export, the tree-mirror-export does not show up in the list of publising-services an the left hand menu of lightroom.

      What could be wrong?

      Thank you


        1. Yes, but if I hit export I do not get a choice to use tree Mirror Export. It just exports to the harddisk in the previous destination folder.

          It would be helpful to have screenshots in your user instructions.

          Thanks L.F.

          1. From the Export dialog select Tree Mirror Export from the “Export To:” at the top of the dialog. I intend to add some screenshots one day… Thanks.

  3. Dear Rob,
    I’ve discovered your tool today and it seems quite useful. I’m missing one option: To skip existing files. This is handy in a lot of use cases.
    Is this feature missing or am I missing something?

      1. Hi,
        The Tree Mirror Export plug-in (1.1) now has an option called “Existing Files” that allows you to specify whether to overwrite or skip existing files.
        Hope this is what you were after.
        Let me know how you get on.

    1. Hi. There is no time limit for the Tree Mirror Export plug-in. I’ve not heard of anybody experiencing the problem you describe. Did you try adding the plug-in again?

      1. Yes, I added the plug in again and it worked fine. Just an extra step. Though I find extracting confusing.

  4. I am testing out Tree Mirror and so far so good when I export to a desktop folder. But, I tried to export the same folders directly to a DVD and it wouldn’t burn. Any advice?

    1. Hi,
      Sorry but I don’t think I know how to help you. I have never tested exporting direct to a DVD. Why wouldn’t it burn? Was there an error message?

  5. Fooey.
    “**** Error 1

    An error occurred while attempting to load this plug-in’s portion of the Export dialog.
    Export.lua:120: attempt to call field ‘buttonsForPluginSetup’ (a nil value)”

    OS X 10.6.8, LR4

    I re-downloaded the plug in, reinstalled, and quit/restarted LR to no avail.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the feedback. Interestingly the plug-in is not limited to photos. What do you want to do with exporting videos? Resize them and put them somewhere else?


        1. Ah – understood. I was missing something with the plug-in. The latest version should now support exporting of videos. Thanks.

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