Tree Mirror

Here’s an easy to use addition for Lightroom that allows you to export your photos into a new folder on your local drives while retaining the original folder hierarchy.

For example, all my original (RAW) photos are stored in:

e.g. Z:\Pictures\Originals\2010\2010-01-11 Aconcagua

I want a low resolution (e.g. 1920 x 1080 JPEG) mirror of the equivalent folder hierarchy stored in:

Z:\Pictures\Low Resolution
e.g. Z:\Pictures\Low Resolution\2010\2010-01-11 Aconcagua

Download and installation instructions


  • Export photos into a new folder with a folder hierarchy matching the original photos
  • Export photos to a Lightroom Publish Service album hierarchy (album names are auto-generated from the photo folder names)


If you want to see how easy it is to use the plug-in to export your photos and keep part of the folder hierarchy then take a look at this guide Using Tree Mirror.

And if you want to know how to install the plug-in then please check out the Installation guide.

Free version compared to full licensed version

You can use the free version of this plug-in with Lightroom’s Export feature to export your photos with their folder hierarchy to your own folder or to a Photo Upload publish service. Note: Use this plug-in from Lightroom’s Export button\menu item.

In addition, the paid for licensed version allows you to create published collections from where you can also export photos and their folder hierarchies.

For most people the free version of this plug-in using Lightroom’s Export capability will do the job of exporting photos and their folder hierarchies perfectly.

Installation, support etc.

For information on how to install the plug-in, how to use the plug-in and for a bit of version history, click the following links:

See here for the plug-ins listed on Adobe Exchange.

Thanks to Jeffrey Friedl and Rob Cole for the various Lightroom SDK tips and tricks that they’ve shared via Websites and forums.


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