Privacy policy

The Photo Upload plug-in for Adobe Lightroom Classic uses your authentication details for the sole purpose of connecting to your chosen upload service (e.g. Google Photos) and to allow you to maintain your photos and albums on that service from within Lightroom.

Personal details or other information that you enter using Photo Upload are not transferred to any other system than the service you connect to (e.g. Google Photos). User information is not passed to any third parties or to the software producer.

The Photo Upload plug-in uploads photos and videos from Adobe Lightroom Classic to an online service that you specify in the plug-in (e.g. Google Photos). The plug-in reads existing albums, folders, or galleries on the online service to provide you with a list of destinations to upload your photos. Where applicable with the online service, you can instruct the plug-in to create new albums/ folders/galleries for your photos. The plug-in reads existing photos from the online service to ensure that existing photos are not accidentally overwritten.

The Photo Upload plug-in periodically connects back to the producer’s website to check which is the latest version number for the plug-in. The plug-in does not pass any information back to the producer’s website.

A log file containing information from the plug-in’s interaction with the online service is written locally to disk. The log file is not sent anywhere by the plug-in. However, the user can contact the plug-in developer and choose to send the log file for problem solving or debugging purposes.

Data protection

No personal information regarding the use of the Photo Upload plug-in is either received or stored by the plug-in producer. With the exception of using the plug-in with an FTP site, the plug-in uploads photos directly and securely over HTTPS from the user’s PC to the online destination service without communication with the plug-in producer.

Billing information is stored securely by the payment provider, FastSpring. Refer to FastSpring’s documentation for how they store and secure user data.

Data use

The Photo Upload plug-in runs locally and uploads photos to the destination online service. It does not send any data regarding the use of the plug-in to the plug-in producer. Personal data is not accessible and not used by plug-in producer.

Billing information is collected by the payment provider, FastSpring, for the purposes of facilitating payment and emailing plug-in license keys.

Sale of user data

No user data is sold to any third party.

Google API Services

The Photo Upload plug-in’s use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.


When using the plug-in with the following services, the listed permissions are required.


  • Manage drafts and send emails (
    The plug-in requests access from your Google account to create draft email messages and attaches your photos to these messages.

Google Drive

  • View and download all your Drive files (
    The plug-in requests this access in order to:
    • List a user’s other drives, included shared drives
  • Create new Drive files, or modify existing files, that you open with an app (
    The plug-in requests this access in order to:
    • Get info to display about the user, e.g., email address and remaining storage quota
    • List the root folder, retrieve a hierarchy of folders, list files within a folder
    • Create a new folder in the location of the user’s choice
    • Delete a file or a folder
    • Get a file’s metadata (e.g., the name and description) and contents (for downloading an existing file)
    • Update a folder’s position in a hierarchy (i.e., change its parent), update a file/folder’s metadata (e.g., the description) and upload a new/updated file

Google Photos

  • View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app (
    The plug-in requests access from your Google account to show how much storage space is available.
  • Manage and add to shared albums on your behalf (
    The plug-in requests access from your Google account to retrieve a list of your shared albums so that you can choose to upload photos to one of them.
  • View and manage your Google Photos library (
    The plug-in requests access from your Google account to retrieve a list of albums and to upload photos to one of them.