License Keys

You don’t have to purchase a license key to use Photo Upload, but the free version has certain restrictions, such as not being able to choose the destination album.

Each upload service requires a separate license key. You can buy license keys for 1 or more upload services (e.g. Dropbox and OneDrive).

How many license keys do I need to buy?

The licensing policy matches Adobe’s licensing policy. Each unique license of Lightroom that you use Photo Upload with will require corresponding license keys of Photo Upload.

Buy license key for the full version

The full set of capabilities are only available when you buy a license key for a particular upload service.

Please try out the free version before deciding if you want to purchase a license key for the full capabilities.

When you buy a license key from the link below you will automatically be sent an email containing a license key that you should copy and paste into the plug-in.

Buy license key

(Optional) Enter license key to gain access to all Photo Upload features

1. If you haven’t already purchased a license key from this site (or from the Adobe Add-ons site) then use the “Buy license key” link above.

An email will be automatically sent to you containing your license key. Copy your license key from the email.

2. Enter the license key from within Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager.

a. From Lightroom’s File menu, select “Plug-in Manager…”

b. Select the Photo Upload plug-in.

c. In the “Photo Upload – Settings” section, select “License Key”

Licensing - Enter License Key

d. In the window that opens, select your “License service”. e.g. If you bought a license key for “Photo Upload for Picasa Web” then select “Picasa Web (Google Photos)” in the menu.

Licensing - Enter License Key - License Service

e. Paste your license key from your email into the “License key” box.

Licensing - Enter License Key - License Key

f. Press “OK” and you will get a confirmation message if the key has been pasted correctly.

Licensing - Valid Confirmation

g. Confirm that the license has been accepted by looking at the “Licenses” in the main Plug-in Manager window. Your new license key status will show up in blue.

Licensing - New License Status

7 thoughts on “License Keys”

    1. Sorry – there is no discount for buying all services at once (very few people need access to all the services).

  1. Nice plug-in but I have my Lightroom catalog and photos both on a portable drive and use it with two computers – desktop and laptop when traveling. How do I move the license between them, or use the license on one at a time? Must I buy a second license?

    1. Hi,
      The general rule is to match your Lightroom license with ones for the plug-ins. So, for example, if you’ve only got one Lightroom license then you only need one Photo Upload license.

      1. A single Lightroom license allows Lightroom to be installed on two computers. Please confirm that a single Photo Upload license allows the same.

  2. Nice plug-in. I first installed and purchased the Picassa plug in based reviews I’d read in forums. It works great. This is the first plugin I’ve installed in LR, and your clear instructions made this easy.

    Then I noticed the new Photo plugin that upgrades and will replace the Picassa only plugin. Downloaded and installed it first thing. Again easy to do because of your instructions. Authorized it for Gdrive and Dropbox. And then bought another license for Dropbox.

    Well done, thanks.

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