Uploading photos – Overriding plug-in settings per photo

You can choose to override your Photo Upload plug-in settings for each individual photo. This is achieved by providing alternative values for the settings in the plug-in’s “All Plug-in Metadata” properties for each photo. You can find the Metadata panel in Lightroom’s Library module.

Override plug-in settings - plug-in meta data

In the above example, two Flickr settings have been given overriding values:

  • Photo Privacy = Friends & Family
  • Photo License = Attribution-ShareAlike

Specifying the overriding settings

The overriding settings are specified in the Photo Upload plug-in’s “Settings” metadata. This can be found in the Metadata panel within Lightroom’s Library module, under “All Plug-in Metadata”.

The overriding settings are defined by the following syntax:

<setting name>[:metadata]=<setting value>

The setting name and value should match the setting names and values available from the plug-in’s Settings window.

Override plug-in settings - Flickr settings

You can choose to put the setting name and values within separate double quotation marks and to remove the space characters from them.

These settings overrides are treated identically:

"Photo Privacy"="Friends & Family"
PhotoPrivacy="Friends & Family"

Settings with a value of “Metadata”

Some settings that allow you to choose from a list have an option in the list for “Metadata”, e.g. the Photo title or Photo summary. If you select this option then you can determine the setting value by including the suffix “:Metadata” to the setting name of the entry.

PhotoSummary:Metadata="Plug-in available here - http://www.newpproducts.com"

Settings for a specific upload service

The setting name can optionally be prefixed by the name of the service. This helps when a setting name such as “Photo Privacy” is used for more than one plug-in service, e.g. in this case for 500px, Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug and Tumblr.

"Flickr Photo Privacy"="Friends & Family"

Multiple settings

More than one setting can be overridden by listing pairs of setting names and values and separating them with commas.

PhotoPrivacy="Friends & Family", PhotoLicense=Attribution-ShareAlike

Setting values from plug-in metadata

You can specify that a setting takes it value from plug-in metadata by using this syntax:

<setting name>[:metadata]=metadata:<source plug-in id>:<metadata id>

For example, if you wanted the Pinterest setting “Photo Website” to be based on the photo metadata provided by the JFriedl Flickr plug-in you could use:


And if you wanted the Pinterest setting “Photo summary” to be based on the photo metadata provided by the JFriedl Flickr plug-in you could use:


Setting values from Lightroom metadata

You can specify that a setting takes it value from metadata that Lightroom provides for a photo by using this syntax:

<setting name>[:metadata]=metadata:<LightroomMetdataName>

See the Custom Text section on the Settings page for a full list of Lightroom metadata.

For example, if you wanted to the photo summary to contain the photo copyright info then you could use: