Uploading photos – Export

You have two choices for uploading your photos and videos:

1. Use Lightroom’s Export capabilities. I find this the simplest approach. Follow the instructions below.

2. Use Lightroom’s Publish capabilities. Take a look at the “Uploading photos – Publish” guide if you want to use Published Services.

Uploading your photos using Lightroom’s Export

1. Select the photos in Lightroom that you wish to export.

2. Click “Export…” to open the Export window.

3. Make sure the “Export To:” box at the top indicates “Photo Upload”.

Ensure the plug-in is authenticated with your chosen photo service. Refer to the guide on  Authenticating the plug-in.

When the plug-in is correctly authenticated, you can see your account name and status.

4. Check your export settings, i.e. choose an appropriate file format and size (I often choose JPEGs and the 1920 x 1080 resolution as this is perfect for TVs and many monitors).

5. Select “Export” from the bottom right of the Export window. Another window will open prompting you to choose an album to upload to.

Depending on what the upload service permits, choose an existing album or type the name of a new album that you wish to create.

6. Select OK and your photos will be uploaded to the album you specified. You can see the progress of your uploads in the top left corner of Lightroom.

7. Once the photos are uploaded, your Web browser will open at a photo service page showing your selected album.

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  1. Hi. I have been using the plug in for most of a year and like it a lot. I was uploading to Picasa Web (Google Photos) and creating a new album. Today when I tried to do this, the create new album option was not available. I have updated to latest version and re-authenticated with Google Photos and restarted lightroom but no joy. Am I missing a setting somewhere? I purchased a license key when I first started using Photo Upload, I think because I wanted to create new folders.

    1. I just read the Feb 7 FAQ and understand that Google made changes. I used the work around by creating a new album on Google Photos and then uploading to it. Hopefully Google will make the changes so we can get back where we were.

    2. Hi Bill, same issue here, I cannot create new folders. Is there any issue with my settings or in the new version I cannot create new folders?

  2. Good afternoon,

    I purchased the plugin for blogger las night, and it always gives me the following error:

    Photo Upload 4.1.7: Error authenticating with Blogger
    No account name returned from Blogger.
    Blogger error: ‘HTTP status 403, Message = Insufficient Permission’

    I log in and give the necessary permissions, it provides the Authorization Code, but always shows me that error.

    I appreciate any help you can provide.
    Thank you

    1. Urgh – you found a bug sorry!
      This is now fixed in version 4.1.8. Can you please use the plug-in’s Update button to update to the latest version.
      Apologies, and thanks for reporting this.

  3. Hi Rob,
    I have bought your PhotoPlug in for Dropbox, which I like and I’d like to now try it for Flickr… but, before I buy, I would like to know (sorry I couldn’t find this answer anywhere) if your PlugIn will allow Lightroom to “import” images to one of my albums which already currently exists in my Flickr account? The reason this is important to me is because I have SEVERAL albums which I created on Flickr already, and for whatever reason, the FREE LR Plugin for Flickr, that came with LR, never updated when the versions of LR updated. So, I’m stuck not able to upload to some of my existing albums on Flickr. I suppose I could have just created a new Album, via the general publishing service BUT, there are so many existing images in the old album, moving them would be a waste of time and a pain. I am simply looking for a way for a service to “find” the existing albums (once logged in) so that I can continue to publish to them. I don’t need it to backupdate the old images, (it would be nice if it could) but if I can just add new images to the albums that exist, that would be amazing.
    I THINK, your publishing service (paid part) does this; but I’d like a confirmation first before I pay more money to use that part.
    Could you let me know if this is one of the paid features?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. The answer is yes, you can add photos to albums that already exist on Flickr. You can select the album to upload your photos to when you press the Export button, or you can create additional published collections in your publish service that connect to your existing albums on Flickr.

  4. Hi Rob. I’m user of yr free plugin to upload to GooglePhotos recently. Photos are uploaded to the default album. Works splendid. Sometimes I adjust some of these uploaded photos again in LR afterwards. I like to upload the adjusted photos again after adjusting. To avoid checking all the photos which one is/isn’t adjusted in LR I upload the total selection of photos which I uploaded initially again together with newly added photos. Photos which are adjusted keep the same name. I like to avoid uploading double photos. My question: Is there a possibility where the upload plugin checks whether a photo with the same name already has been uploaded with the choice to delete, overwrite, rename or accept? Thanks.

      1. Hi Rob – I am using the Google Photos Upload, but under General Settings / Existing photos and videos there is no ability to select “Always update”.

        I can only choose from “If names match, duplicate”, “If names match, skip”, “Always duplicate” or “Always skip”.

        I really want to avoid the duplication, as duplication also changes the date / order of the album.

        Please clarify. Thank you!

          1. Thanks for the reply.

            I thought this only applied to creating albums, not updating the photos themselves. That’s unfortunate!

  5. I have been using this plug-in for quite some time with great success. On my most recent upload, each photo in the online album was imprinted with my name in the lower left corner. I am not sure if that was something the uploader did or something new in Google photos. I would like to upload the photos without my name on them. Any suggestions how I can accomplish that?

    1. Hi,
      The plug-in itself does not add your name, so you must have turned on a Lightroom setting.
      In your Export\Publishing Manager window, have you accidentally ticked the “Watermark” section?

  6. Hi,
    would it be possible to add te option of choosing the path where to store the exported pictures and all related files before uplloading them?
    I tried to export about 900 photos over night but the export aborted because my C drive didn’t have any space left after the temp folder of this plugin grew to over 300GB. If I ws able to choose the location of the temp folder or it’s size could be managed in a better way it would allow for larger chunks of photos to be exported.


    1. Hi,
      I think you need to use the setting “Generate exports one at a time” if you have liimited disk space for your temp folder. Lightroom itself manages the rendering of the exported images according to your Lightroom export settings, so other than using this setting there is little that the plug-in can do to work around the problem.
      There is some additional information on the problem here:

  7. I think here i am right. 🙂
    “Every time when i upload videos from Lightroom i could not watch them online. I see an icon with a watch, and there stand: “Wait, your movie will be online shortly.” But it NEVER will be ready.
    When i upload the video directly with the webbrowser, it will be correct. Any idea?”

    I use the Photo Export in Lightroom, and i export the movies as .H264 MP4 to google picasa.
    But i never see the movie online, it seems to be broken. Directly with Safari or the google backup app, it is all fine.

    1. Yes – I think you’re right. Google doesn’t seem to be correctly processing videos when uploaded via Picasa Web.
      At least another person has commented about this in a Picasa Web API thread recently:
      Sadly, there is nothing the plug-in can do about this right now. Uploading videos worked a few weeks ago, and may work again in the future if Google fix what they’ve changed. Alternatively Google may release a new API to upload photos and videos to Google Photos, but they have not done this yet (or even suggested they will do so).

  8. Hi I am looking for a PlugIn that can Upload from LR to many Services like FB, Flickr, 500pix,… with one step (after everything is set up) and automatically integrates a Link in the FB image description pointing to Flickr or 500pix for better quality.

    Is that possible?

    1. The plugin only uploads to one service at a time. And the plugin cannot insert a link to a photo in one service in the description of a different service. Sorry.

  9. Just purchased for Facebook, but the plugin won’t allow upload to Facebook groups, so i have to sitck to a manual upload. Is the Pinterest plugin able to upload to my own different albums (architecture, landscape an so on)?

    1. Facebook have prevented third party apps from uploading to Facebook groups. I really don’t know why, it is a popular request. The Photo Upload plug-in can upload to Facebook user timelines and to Facebook pages.
      Yes, the Pinterest plug-in can upload to your own Pinterest “boards” (albums).

      1. Hello Rob,

        I have configured Photo Upload to upload to my Facebook account and now would like to create a folder that would upload to a Facebook page that my FB account is an admin to.

        Is this possible ? If so, how ?


        1. I’m assuming you are using Lightroom’s publish services.
          If so, then create a new publish service and in the settings link it to a different Facebook account.

  10. Hi,

    I downloaded the app and did my first export – of a single image – this afternoon from Lightroom to my 500px account – successfully. However, on my 2nd attempt to upload an image, LR displayed the export progress bar for about 8-10 seconds, following which I got a pop-up with the following error message:

    Photo Upload 3.3.4: Error uploading to 500px

    HTTP status 400, Error = {custom_path={1=”has already been taken”}}, Status = bad_request

    I tried again and again, with different parameters. I also flushed the browser cache, verified my internet connection, picked a different image to upload and finally requested and entered a new security token from 500px, alas, to no avail. I even tried to export+upload the same image via my hard drive and it worked fine.

    Have any of you seen this before? I use Lightroom CC (2015) – with Mac OS X 10.10.5

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi,
      This error is specific to 500px.
      When you create an album on 500px, it creates an album and also a URL for that album, e.g. http://www.my500pxaccount.500px.com/untitled.
      If you rename the album on 500px then the album has a new name but the URL stays the same.
      So if you try and upload from Lightroom to a 500px called “untitled” which you’ve previously renamed on 500px, then the plugin will try and create a new album on 500px called “untitled” but 500px will give an error since the URL name for “untitled” still exists from earlier.
      You should rename the album in Lightroom to something which does not have a URL of that name on 500px. (Or delete the old album with that URL on 500px.)
      Hopefully this makes sense – like I say, it is an error message specific to the way 500px works.

      1. Hi Bob,

        It makes sense, and I’ll try that. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction :-).


  11. when I try to authenticate with twitter it says its unable to??I’ve bought the licence for it and thats working but can’t get Twitter to authenticate? On mac El Capitan with LR cc
    any help greatly appreciated

    1. sorry this is whats coming up, Connection to Twitter not available, check internet/firewall settings

      Error communicating with Twitter: ‘HTTP status 0, Unexpected network connection status – connection did not return anything.
      Check for an internet or firewall problem.’

    2. think its Little snitch thats blocking it, how do I let it accept it? tried adding process in Little snitch but can’t fine photo upload in my system? appreciate any help, thanks Jon

      1. By allowing Lightroom to use Little Snitch, you should also be permitting the plug-in. I’m afraid I don’t use Little Snitch, so not sure how to suggest you configure it.

        1. I’ve just tried Little Snitch – it sets up rules for “Adobe Lightroom” and the plug-in specifically wants permission for “Adobe Lightroom via curl”.

  12. When use Photo Upload to create a Facebook album, each photo winds up with the file name as its caption. Is there a way to turn off these captions?

    1. Hi, you can use the Settings windows to specify a value for “Photo title” which is used as the photo name in Facebook. You can choose a few different options – try selecting something other than “File name”.
      Thanks, Rob.

        1. The “Settings” button is available in the Export or Publishing Manager dialog in the “Photo Upload – Account” section. Which is the section above “File Naming”.
          Can you see the Settings button? When you click it and open the settings window you can choose what makes up the “Photo title”.

  13. Thank you for your answers, it does work but is there a way to see the status of the uploading? I got some error reports from LR saying 4 pics haven’t been upoaded, but I don’t know if it’s still uploading or not, an all the files in the folder haven’t been uploaded yet. If I do a new upload of the same folder, will that create doubles or will it only upload pics that haven’t been uploaded yet?
    Many thanks!

    1. If you see the message saying some photos have not uploaded then that means the Upload has finished. You should have an indication of why some photos did not upload in the message.

  14. Hi,
    Is it possible to export to onedrive using photo upload all the files imported by Lightroom, including raw files ? Is it possible to export it in the same folders structure as it is on my mac?

    1. Yes is the answer – you’ll want to follow these instructions to export your photos with their folder hierarchy:
      You will also probably want to turn on the setting to generate photos one at a time if you’re doing a large batch:
      My recommendation is to try exporting the photos in smaller chunks – just to make it manageable and check things are going well.

  15. This what happens when you don’t a first read directions.

    First I downloaded the update in just copied the new files over the old files in the plugin folder. didn’t work.

    Then I deleted the plugin folder entirely and and installed the new plugin folder from the download. Hasn’t worked.

    Last I tried deleting the published service inside lightroom hence the error. Now I am all confused.

  16. Cant update from 2.8.4 to 2.9.8

    Photo Upload: could not update plug-in. [Zenfolio]
    Unable to update existing plug in (permission problem?)

    What to do?

    1. Hi,
      If the plug-in cannot update itself then you should manually download the latest version, remove/delete the old version from your system and extract and install the new version from the downloaded zip (as if you were installing for the first time).

      1. I must have deleted something in the wrong order trying to update. When I try to delete published service it says:

        Can’t deleted published collection. Internal error: assertion failed!

        Still stuck. User error trying upgrade.

        1. Hmmm. So did you delete your plug-in (delete the whole folder from your computer), download the latest version, and re-install it?
          You should not need to delete your publish service in Lightroom.


  17. Hi, my upload using Lightroom Export on Mac starts OK and the first few photos are visible on Google Photos. But then it seems to drop out and stop with an error message “An internal error has occurred. Export.lua:1223:table index is nil”

    Lightroom tells me in the status bar the export is still in progress but nothing happens. I am using iMac 27 2011 and Lightroom CC

    1. Yes – the last fix did not go to plan! It should now work correct in version 2.9.7.
      Please use the plug-in’s Update button to get the latest version.
      Thanks for raising this!

  18. I want to upload jpegs to my Zenfolio account. My jpeg files are of the following size range: 2,945KB to 5,628KB. I used LR 5(latest) to export my jpegs to a folder on a subsidiary hard drive on the system which also contains LR on my main system drive.

    Do you have any step-by-step guides or suggestions as to how I should proceed if I use your plug-in? I have never done this before. There are no Galleries on my Zenfolio Account, other than the sample Gallery Z. supplies.

    1. Hi, I think the guide on this page should be most of what you need. You should ignore the jpegs you have already exported and instead re-export them from Lightroom directly to Zenfolio using this guide (and the other guides on installation etc. if you get stuck). In your export settings choose the format as jpeg. It should be fairly straightforward. Thanks.

  19. Thank you for this plug-in, I have purchased the Flickr license.
    When I export for uploading , it asks for a Album to put the photos in, I do not want to put them in albums, just on my main page.
    How do I do this ?

    1. Hi,
      Good question. It was previously not possible to upload Flickr photos to the photostream (main page).
      However, based on your suggestion, the plug-in has now been updated to allow this. Please update (using the “Update” button in Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager) to version 2.5.7.
      Let me know how you get on.

  20. I’m trialing the Twitter publishing service. It’s telling me I can’t create collections withing the service, is that correct? I’d like for a smart collection in the service, is that not possible?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, that’s correct. Twitter does not have the concept of albums at all – just individual posts with 1-4 photos in. A Lightroom collection has to map onto an album on the photo service, so because Twitter doesn’t have albums it’s not possible to create a collection.
      Maybe there are other ways to do what you want? You could create a Hard Drive publish service, create your smart collections there, and then right click on the photos in each collection and choose Export (and export them to Twitter using the this plug-in)?

      1. You could do it, you just need to be able to make up album and photo ids to hand back to Lightroom. I’ve used Lightrooms uids for it in a couple of plugins.

        Publishing services are handy, even for sites like Twitter where conceptually it makes no sense because they allow you to keep track of what you’ve posted and the collection makes for a nice wait queue for future posting.

        1. That is a possibility, certainly. As you can probably tell, the same framework is used by the plug-in for lots of different photo services. Differentiating between creating real collections for some services and virtual collections for others adds inconsistency and some complexity.
          However I understand that this would of course be handy. I’ll give it some thought.

          1. By way of example; I have a little publishing service of my own. All it does is save to disk, user supplied path. It doesn’t really care about images once they’re saved, it doesn’t do any re-publishing, deleting, anything like that, it just saves to disk. It also runs an optional, user supplied shell script with the image file name provided as an argument. It’s my most used publishing service. For Twitter it runs a script that calls Tweetbot for posting to Twitter. Instagram, its post script squares the image before sending it to my iPhone photo stream for posting to Instagram. For a half dozen other sites that can’t or won’t support publishing, this tool gives me exported images to post by hand along with a record of what’s posted and what’s waiting.

          2. To close this conversation off publicly (we spoke over email privately)… thanks for your suggestion. In the latest version of the plug-in (2.5.8) you can now create Lightroom publish service folders and albums for Twitter and WordPress. These will only exist in Lightroom and won’t exist on the actual service. The new feature is available in the licensed version of the Photo Upload plug-in.

  21. Can I use this plug-in to upload to any ftp site instead of using a programme like Filezilla? Photo mechanic can do this and I’d like to be able to do it from within Lightroom. Thanks.

    1. Yes – that’s the plan. You should be able to upload your photos to an FTP site directly from within Lightroom. Try out the FTP service in the plug-in and let me know how you get on.

      1. Uploading works fine but if I set the image size it is ignored and always uploads full size images. Is that a restriction of not having the licence (yet) or is that a bug? All the options for resizing and limiting file size etc are there but are ignored.

  22. Hi,
    Installed + everything works fine, but how to export to FB Timeline instead of making an FB album?


    1. Right now the plug-in only allows uploading to Facebook albums or pages. You should be able to post to your timeline directly from a photo in an album (I think).

  23. I just downloaded the program and purchased the license. So far, it appears to work great. The instructions were simple to follow. I think this will make organizing my photo albums for upload much easier. Thanks.

  24. Hallo,
    is it possible to upload to two different e.g. box-accounts with your plugin?
    Would be very nice, because I need to upload photos to my business box-account as well as to my personal box-account.

    Thanks for your answer.

    1. Hi. The answer is absolutely yes. I use this feature all the time.
      You can use the “Add/Refresh” button to add multiple Box accounts to the plugin.
      Then you can choose the account you want to upload to using the “Account” drop down list.
      I use a Export User Presets to store my most used export configurations.

  25. I love your plugin and have used it successfully to publish to Google+, but am not getting the WordPress publishing to work. Clicking on any of the options, such as ‘create album’ or ‘create folder’ just result in a dialogue box that says ‘WordPress does not support creating albums/folders’. I’ve tried dragging a single image to the Publish menu, but it doesn’t activate anything. What am I missing?

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment. Each of capabilities the upload services offer are different – and WordPress is the most different. It does not have the concept of folders or albums to keep photos in. They are all uploaded to the Media library. Therefore this limits what the plug-in can offer within Lightroom for WordPress. I put a table together because WordPress was so different – http://www.newpproducts.com/?page_id=4083. For WordPress, you need to upload to it from the Export button/menu.

  26. So I bought $45 worth of plug-ins and installed them (perhaps incorrectly). I entered my lic # in each (authorization recognized)
    I re-started LR 5.3.
    I selected a photo to upload to FB
    In plug-in manager, I selected the appropriate plug-in which was in the enabled state
    I clicked “Done” NOTHING HAPPENED
    Same for rest of the plug-ins

    1. Hi,

      First of all, clicking “Done” in Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager does not upload any photos. Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager is simply used to install plug-ins.

      Have you authorised the plug-in with each of your online accounts? Follow these instructions:

      When you’ve authorised the plug-in then follow the instructions on this page.


  27. hallo,
    when I try to upload my photo on Picasa, I get this message by LR4:
    Please update your plug-in.
    This plug-in is not compatible with Lightroom
    Update your plug-in from Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager using either the ‘Update’ button or the ‘Visit Web Site’ button to download a more recent and compatible version.
    I have downloaded the plug-in today (jan 9th 2014)
    txs in advance for your support.


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