Uploading photos – Export

You have two choices for uploading your photos and videos:

1. Use Lightroom’s Export capabilities. I find this the simplest approach. Follow the instructions below.

2. Use Lightroom’s Publish capabilities. Take a look at the “Uploading photos – Publish” guide if you want to use Published Services.

Uploading your photos using Lightroom’s Export

1. Select the photos in Lightroom that you wish to export.

2. Click “Export…” to open the Export window.

3. Make sure the “Export To:” box at the top indicates “Photo Upload”.

Ensure the plug-in is authenticated with your chosen photo service. Refer to the guide on  Authenticating the plug-in.

When the plug-in is correctly authenticated, you can see your account name and status.

4. Check your export settings, i.e. choose an appropriate file format and size (I often choose JPEGs and the 1920 x 1080 resolution as this is perfect for TVs and many monitors).

5. Select “Export” from the bottom right of the Export window. Another window will open prompting you to choose an album to upload to.

Choose an existing album or, if the upload service permits, type the name of a new album that you wish to create – see the Features page to see what each upload service permits.

6. Select OK and your photos will be uploaded to the album you specified. You can see the progress of your uploads in the top left corner of Lightroom.

7. Once the photos are uploaded, your Web browser will open at a photo service page showing your selected album.