Uploading photos – Publish

You have two choices for uploading your photos and videos:

1.  Use Lightroom’s Export capabilities. I find this the simplest approach. Take a look at the “Uploading photos – Export” guide if you want to use Export.

2.  Use Lightroom’s Publish capabilities. Follow the instructions below.

Uploading your photos using Lightroom’s Publish

1. Find the Photo Upload publish service in the lower left (of the Library).

Publish - Start

2. On the Photo Upload publish service, click “Set Up…” or if you’ve already set it up then right click on the the service and choose “Edit Settings…”.

Note: If you’ve already setup a Photo Upload publish service (e.g. for Picasa Web) then you can add another publish service by right clicking on the first one and choosing “Create Another Publish Service via Photo Upload…”

The Lightroom Publishing Manager window will open.

Publish - Publish settings

3. Check your publish settings. Ensure the plug-in is authenticated with your chosen photo service. Refer to the guide on Authenticating the plug-in.

Choose an appropriate file format and size (I like JPEGs and the 1920 x 1080 resolution as this is perfect for TVs and many monitors). Save your settings and close the Lightroom Publishing Manager window.

4. Create a new published collection. Right click on your Photo Upload publish service and choose “Create Album…”.

A window will open asking you for the name of the Album. The name will be the name of the album that is created in your chosen photo service. Enter a name and choose “Create”.

Publish - Create album

5. Select the photos in Lightroom that you wish to publish to the newly created album. With the photos selected, right click on the album that you just created and choose “Add Selected Photo(s)”.

Publish - Add selected photos

6. The selected photos are now in the Lightroom published collection ready to to be published to the photo service. You will see them within the album under the category “New Photos to Publish”.

Publish - New photos to publish

7. Publish the album to the photo service by selecting the Publish button with your album selected. Publishing your album will upload your photos.

8. Once the photos are uploaded, you can quickly open your album in a Web browser directly from Lightroom by right clicking your album and choosing “Go to Published Collection”.

Publish - Go to published collection

Publish - Picasa Web album in Web browser

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  1. I updated to the latest version, and it no longer creates a new album, but only has the option to redirect to an existing album for Google Photos. Any ideas?

  2. Hello, I’m trying out the free version before buying. I successfully uploaded (via Publish) one photo to an existing Google Photos album. However, when trying to upload another photo, and re-publish a modified version of the first photo, I get an error message of “HTTP status 400, Bad Request” and the file name. [Note that I stripped out the HTML formatting around Bad Request text above.]

    Also, the original successful upload has now disappeared entirely from my Google Photos.

    Can I only upload 1 photo in the test version?

    Using Lightroom CC, 2015.8
    Win 10, 64-bit


  3. Hi,

    when I try to ‘export’ photos to amazon cloud it ‘uploads’ the photos then comes up with a message afterwards saying ‘error’. No explanation as to why it hasn’t uploaded and nothing on my amazon cloud. I have purchased and entered the plug in manager and have unlimited photo storage on my cloud. What is going wrong?
    When I try to ‘publish’ instead, it comes up with a message after attempting to upload displaying ‘error communicating with amazon cloud’.

    1. Hi,
      Oops! You found a bug in the plug-in when it tried to handle photos that included semi-colons in their filenames.
      The bug has now been fixed in version 3.7.7.
      Thanks for reporting the problem and for your patience.

  4. How do you upload Photos to an Album in a GROUP on Facebook? I see that when you click on the “Redirect to an existing Album on Facebook” the list is filtered by \News Feed, and in the dropdown box it shows .[News Feed}* How can I get it to show Albums I have created in groups I belong to/administer, or at a Minimum, to post the Pics directly to a group as a status update

    1. Hi,
      Facebook unfortunately do not allow third party apps like this plug-in to upload to Facebook groups.
      They do permit uploading to Facebook albums and pages, but not groups (I am not sure the reason why, but they are very protective about groups).
      I will enquire again whether the plug-in can have access to groups, but Facebook have said “no” in the past without providing a reason.

  5. I do not understand how resizing works. Your tutorial does not explain it. I have photos that are varying ratios due to cropping. Will resizing honor the longest or shortest dimension? Will it crop to fit? I would like to upload my photos for all to be the same height and the width varies to honor the original photo ratio. Is that possible? Resizing option to use longest or shortest dimension does not make sense.

    1. Hi Bob,
      Lightroom does the resizing – not the plug-in – the tutorial on this site does not explain those concepts that Lightroom looks after.
      This article I found on Google seems to be fairly comprehensive and should answer your questions:
      If you know the max height then you should be able to use Lightroom’s “Dimensions” setting to achieve what you want.

  6. Hi there, just bought the zenfolio plug in. This may be a silly question. When I upload a picture or album to my zenfolio page is there anyway I can keep it on the site even though I have deleted the collection under the publish window? I’ve tried and it seems to delete the files off the site aswel

    1. Hi,
      If you create an album with a photo on Zenfolio from Lightroom, you should be able to right click on the album in Lightroom, choose Delete and a Confirm window will appear. This will give you an option to “Leave on Service” – which will delete the album and photo from Lightroom but leave them on Zenfolio.
      That sounds like it should suit your needs?

      1. Thank you for the quick response. Yep that’s just what I needed. One more question if possible, last night when I was testing I had no problems uploading to my zenfolio folders but now I get a window saying zenfolio does not permit uploading directly to the group (name of group). Is this a problem on the zenfolio end?

        1. Hi,
          It sounds like you’re trying to upload photos to a Zenfolio group, rather than a Zenfolio gallery. Please make sure the album you’re selecting is a gallery not a group.
          Does that help?

          1. It was adding an album to an already set up group seems to put up the error via re-directing. Choosing album on zenfolio seems to do the trick. Thanks again for everything

          2. Yeah – that sounds correct. When using the “redirect” option, it matters whether the album you are redirecting to is a Zenfolio group or a gallery. Thanks.

  7. Hi Rob,
    Still occasionally getting http errors(error 400).. no response from WordPress (or jetpack) it varies.
    I think it is my site so I am not too worried at the moment.
    Something I discovered today .. I rename my files as part of my workflow and today I added © in the file name.
    After I have uploaded to WP.. the image just gets a number (and the thumbnails the same) as the file name and jpg is missing from the file extension. So the file would just simply be called 1 (or 2 or …)
    Strangely enough you can still see the image in the media folder, but when you try to use it in a slider/post or page the image does not appear.

    Took me a while to troubleshoot that, but as soon as I removed the © all the file naming came back as normal. Just thought you might like to know.
    I am still happy with the plug in as it is doing basically what it’s meant to.


  8. HI Rob,
    I am getting a http error when trying to upload a file. ( no response from WordPress Site)
    So I disconnected the plugin from the site and when I tried to reconnect I got a similar error message.. there was no response from my wordpress site. (This was after I entered the code and the plugin was trying to retreive my account details.)

    Silly thing is when I first tried to upload an image .. it uploaded then I got the error.

    Further update..
    After trying a few more times .. ti works as you suggest, replacing existing photos.
    I am not sure why I got the initial errors, but see how we go.
    Thanks very much for this, it gives me similar functionality to my Joomla site. Now I am happy to keep going with WP.


    1. Hi,
      I’m going to put those WordPress errors down to a temporary problem on the wordpress.com servers.
      Let me know if they repeatedly occur again.
      Glad the plug-in is now more useful for you!

  9. HI Rob,
    I am using photo upload to publish from lightroom to WordPress.
    If I republish a photo, i get duplicate photos in my WordPress media manager.
    The original file is not updated.

    Any ideas?


    1. Hi,
      WordPress does not allow plugins to update photos in the same way that other services permit.
      I don’t think there is a solution to this without WordPress updating the APIs they provide.
      I’ll keep an eye on any enhancements that WordPress provide.

      1. Actually… I’ll do some further investigations into this. I did notice some new features so perhaps the plug-in can adopt those. I’ll get back to you…

    2. Hi,
      The latest version of the plug-in (3.0.3) is now updated so that photos can be deleted and duplicated on WordPress. I think this will now work for you – WordPress posts and pages refer to the file name of the photo, so assuming the updated photo has the same file name then the plug-in will effectively be “updating” the photo on WordPress (by deleting and then re-uploading with the same file name).
      Let me know how you get on.

  10. Hi there,
    I prefer to use the publishing service rather than the simple export. Reason being that I can edit an image and simply republish or add/remove images from an album as needed. I use the purchased Google+ Photo Upload.

    However, creating a new album won’t allow me to set a different file name. Eg, Album1 has client1-001.jpg and Album2 has client2-001.jpg
    I use a number of other publishing services and they allow me to customise each collection individually.

    I think it should at least be possible to overwrite the file name in newly created collections (albums).

    I could create a new publishing service for each album but that defeats to object of simplicity.

    I hope my blurb makes sense and I’ve I have overlooked something I apologise in advance.

    Best wishes

  11. Hi Rob, I am using photo upload to publish to my Twitter account. If I have tweaked a photo between publishing the next picture Lightroom automatically wants to republish that picture along with the one I wish to publish at that moment in time. The only way I can see at the moment of preventing it from doing so is by deleting the picture from the photo upload catalogue. Is there a way to prevent it from re-publishing photos which i’ve edited slightly?


    1. I think this one has a straightforward answer…
      From Lightroom’s library, right click on the photos whose changes you want to ignore. Then choose the pop up menu option for “Mark as Up-To-Date”.

  12. Hello,

    Apologies in advance if you have already answered this question in a previous post.

    I have just started to use Photo Upload with Flickr because it allows me to update photos (descriptions etc) without losing the comments and favs from other users.

    I have a number of albums on Flickr that have been created using another Lightroom plugin and some of the photos have comment and have been faved. Is it possible to “transfer” smart folders from the old plugin to Photo Upload in a way that means the comments/favs on the existing photos in Flickr will not be lost if I use Photo Upload to update the photos. I don’t mind if I have to manually create new smart folders in Photo Upload, just want to preserve the comments.

    Many thanks for your time.

    1. Hi,
      Sorry, but the plug-in does not currently match new photos with existing ones (of the same name?) when uploading them. So I think you’d probably end up with duplicates rather than losing the comments and favs.
      There is sadly no way to transfer published collections from other plug-ins (even other Flickr plug-ins).
      Wish I had better news. I think you’ll need to keep both plug-ins active.

      1. Rob,

        Thank you for replying so quickly. It’s as I expected, but at least now I’m using Photo Upload I won’t lose comments when updating any photos I publish from now on.


  13. I have been using jf Zenfolio to publish my images on Zenfolio but would like to change to your plug-in.
    Is is a ‘seamless’ change? Will all the current links between Lightroom and Zenfolio be maintained?

    1. I don’t think Lightroom makes changing the plug-in used by a publish service in any way seamless, unfortunately.
      You can create more than one publish service to connect with Zenfolio – so perhaps create a new one using this Photo Upload plug-in.
      But you cannot simply copy over your existing published collections (albums). You could use this plug-in for any new collections, but if you wanted to switch over then you’d really need to think about recreating your published collections again. Which would clearly take some time.

  14. I have a question regarding virtual copies in Lightroom and publishing to Google+. I have a color and B&W version of a file where the B&W version is a virtual copy. After I’ve published the color version I cannot publish the B&W virtual copy. It’s marked in Lightroom as a new photo to publish, I hit publish and get “updating to ..” with 1 bar, it switches to 2 bars, then back to 1 bar saying “task completed” but the file isn’t uploaded and remains a new photo to publish. I don’t see any mechanism to create unique file names in the case of a filename match, which this obviously is. Any suggestions other than creating a new, non-virtual copy?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I notice you bought a license about a year ago, so the first thing is to make sure you have updated to the latest version. Use the Update button in the plug-in’s settings in Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager. The latest version at this time is 2.4.3.
      This may be all you need to do to fix the problem as the plug-in has changed how it detects existing photos.

      1. One more thing – I noticed that your File Naming settings can make a difference too. In your Publish Service settings (or Export window) there is a section for “File Naming”. If you do NOT select the option “Rename To” then your photo file names for both copies will be identical – and may contribute to the problems you are having. But if you select “Rename To” and then choose something like “Filename” in the list then your virtual copies will have the original filename with a hyphen and number appended, e.g. MyPhoto.jpg and MyPhoto-2.jpg.

      2. While it did upload the photo, it overwrote the original. I’d prefer to see it rename or at least ask for confirmation. The collection in LR now shows that there are 2 photos, when the library on G+ just has the most recently uploaded.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      The plug-in now allows you to set the privacy setting for uploaded photos.
      You will need version 1.8.
      Go to the plug-in settings in Lightroom and use the Update button to get the latest version.

    1. Hi,
      I think yes, but I am not Facebook expert. When you authorise the plugin against a Facebook user then if you have multiple accounts for pages then they are presented for you to choose from.
      The best option for you is to try the plugin for yourself. You don’t need to buy a license to check if the plugin allows you to upload onto a Facebook group page.
      Let me know how you get on.

  15. You are right. I found the phrase “Olympus…” in the metadata. Deleting it from caption solved the issue. Thanks! 🙂

    1. I noticed that someone had kindly given instructions how to make a metadata preset to prevent “Olympus…” being set when you import photos. It is the penultimate post in that link I included. Might be worth doing…

      1. It’s really annoying what the manufacture is doing by adding the company’s name to the caption. Gladly, that can be changed without hassle when importing photos. Thanks for your help and keep your good projects up.

  16. Hi,
    Every time when I upload, the plug-in adds the following comment to each photo: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA. How can I avoid this?
    Otherwise the upgraded plug-in works great!

    1. Hi,

      The plug-in combines two bits of info from Lightroom into the “summary/caption” field in Picasa Web.
      These two bits are the Title and Caption.
      You can see the info under the Metadata section for the photo within Lightroom.
      Whatever you have deemed appropriate for this title and caption is uploaded.
      I would not expect the title or caption for a photo in Lightroom to have the text “OLYMPUS…”.
      I don’t think this will help much… but you are not the only person complaining about how Olympus stick their name into the photo metadata. See this Adobe Lightroom forum page:
      The forum does give you a way to remove the “OLYMPUS…” for a selection of photos at once. Not perfect I know.


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