Version history

2021-03-17 5.6.0

  • Update: Now works with Lightroom Classic 10.2

2021-02-24 5.5.9

  • Fix: Box can authenticated again

2021-01-24 5.5.8

  • Fix: OneDrive folders can be created again

2021-01-10 5.5.7

  • New: Configuration setting allows specification of the folder where the plug-in can find ‘curl’

2020-12-14 5.5.6

  • Fix: SmugMug photos can be deleted and updated again (SmugMug fixed a bug that required a workaround to
    be removed in the plug-in)

2020-12-08 5.5.5

  • Update: Now works with Lightroom Classic 10.1

2020-11-17 5.5.4

  • Update: Pinterest updated to use new restricted v3 Pinterest API

2020-10-20 5.5.3

  • New: Google Drive folder shortcuts are available for selection
  • Update: Now works with Lightroom Classic 10
  • Fix: Google Drive shared folders are available for selection again

2020-08-27 5.5.2

  • Fix: Flickr no longer tries to update existing videos (Flickr does not permit this)
  • Fix: Flickr no reports an error when setting the privacy of videos

2020-08-19 5.5.1

  • Fix: Large lists of Dropbox folders can now be retrieved without an error

2020-07-23 5.5.0

  • Fix: Base folder is correctly applied if publishing from a published collection set as “Collection in Lightroom only”
  • Fix: Converting old references to SmugMug folders or galleries no longer fails if the SmugMug folder or gallery no longer exists

2020-07-19 5.4.9

  • Fix: Settings are correctly saved again

2020-06-19 5.4.8

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2020-02-24 5.4.7

  • New: Keywords can be used to form titles and summaries even if the service does not directly support photos having keywords

2020-02-23 5.4.6

  • New: Boards on Pinterest can be renamed
  • Fix: Photos on Pinterest can be deleted again

2020-02-18 5.4.5

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements for Google Photos

2020-02-14 5.4.4

  • Fix: Settings and Configuration windows can be displayed with Lightroom 3.x

2020-01-17 5.4.3

  • New: Export sub-folder hierarchy can now be used when publishing collections
  • Fix: Amazon Drive lets you go to published photos correctly again

2019-11-05 5.4.2

  • Update: Now works with Lightroom Classic 9

2019-10-24 5.4.1

  • Update: Setting “Put in sub-folder” works for published collections that are not marked as “Lightroom only”
  • Fix: Google Drive no longer creates duplicate folders at the top level

2019-09-30 5.4.0

  • Fix: Collections can be specified as “Collection in Lightroom only” correctly again

2019-09-11 5.3.9

  • Fix: Base folders can now be specified correctly again

2019-08-27 5.3.8

  • Update: Google Photos requires fewer permissions when authenticating with an account

2019-08-20 5.3.7

  • Update: Blogger photos are uploaded to Google Drive, now that Google has ended support for Picasa Web


  • Fix: Authentication with Google Photos works again

2019-07-19 5.3.6

  • Update: Gmail now requires fewer permissions when authenticating with an account
  • Fix: OneDrive no longer retrieves shared folders that are owned by the user (the folders will already be returned in the non-shared folder list)

2019-05-20 5.3.5

  • Fix: Sidecar files that already exist on the service can be successfully deleted again

2019-05-18 5.3.4

  • Fix: Albums created on SmugMug when showing the full hierarchy are correctly included in the album list

2019-05-15 5.3.3

  • Update: Google Drive supports shared drives instead of team drives
  • Update: Google Photos shows used and remaining storage quota

2019-04-01 5.3.2

  • Fix: Photo file names with double quotation marks are correctly handled on Macs

2019-03-25 5.3.1

  • Fix: OneDrive album selection automatically switches to displaying only one level correctly

2019-03-12 5.3.0

  • Fix: Flickr uploads no longer sometimes give an HTTP/2 error on Mac 10.14 (Mojave)

2019-02-24 5.2.9

  • Fix: Exporting a sub-folder hierarchy finds existing folders correctly again

2019-01-30 5.2.8

  • Fix: Collections that already exist on the service are recorded correctly when they are created

2019-01-29 5.2.7

  • Fix: Automatic retry for internet operations now works correctly again

2019-01-19 5.2.6

  • Fix: Google Photos albums can be retrieved without an error message in some circumstances where accessing shared albums would return an error from Google

2019-01-18 5.2.5

  • Fix: Published collection names can be matched to the service album name correctly again

2019-01-15 5.2.4

  • Fix: Collection sets are created correctly again

2019-01-11 5.2.3

  • New: Folders/albums can now be created wherever the album selection list is available
  • New: Setting for “Existing photos and videos” now has a new option “Do not check” that speeds up the upload by not checking whether photos already exist
  • Update: Settings for “Existing photos and videos” that allowed duplicate photos have been removed in place of the new “Do not check” option

2018-12-19 5.2.2

  • Fix: Gmail drafts now open again in the browser

2018-12-19 5.2.1

  • New: Disconnecting from Blogger, Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive and Picasa Web revokes the connection
  • Update: Account “Add/Refresh” button is renamed to “Connect to …” and the “Remove” button is renamed to “Disconnect from …”

2018-12-17 5.2.0

  • Fix: Google Drive no longer displays an error when uploading to team drives

2018-12-15 5.1.9

  • New: Google Drive now allows uploads to team drives

2018-12-12 5.1.8

  • New: Flickr setting allows photo safety level to be set

2018-11-29 5.1.6

  • Fix: Zenfolio uploads no longer incorrectly update the photo metadata when a photo is uploaded for the first time

2018-11-09 5.1.5

  • New: Setting “Existing photos and videos” has the value “Auto Uniquely Name” to allow Tree Mirror to automatically create a unique name for any photos that already exist in the destination folder
  • Update: Picasa Web provides an account status warning stating that Picasa Web will no work after Mar 2019
  • Fix: Sidecar files are no longer checked to see if they exist on the upload service if the setting to upload them is unchecked or not valid for the upload service

2018-10-19 5.1.4

  • Fix: Blogger can include all types of characters in the post title

2018-10-17 5.1.3

  • Fix: Google Photos uploads no longer sometimes fail with a quota error

2018-10-15 5.1.2

  • Update: Picasa Web no longer uses Google+ APIs to retrieve your Google account name
  • Fix: Internet connections detect if necessary plug-in files are missing

2018-10-08 5.1.1

  • Fix: Tree Mirror no longer fails if a photo with the same name already exists in the destination and when Tree Mirror did not create that existing photo

2018-10-05 5.1.0

  • Fix: Photos can be uploaded to Google Photos without sometimes hanging

2018-09-06 5.0.9

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Google Photos (
  • Fix: Plug-in works with the export folder set to a UNC path (e.g. “\\”) on Windows

2018-08-23 5.0.8

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2018-08-01 5.0.7

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2018-07-24 5.0.6

  • New: OneDrive now allows uploads to shared folders

2018-05-16 5.0.5

  • Fix: FTP works with start directories that contain a space character

2018-05-15 5.0.4

  • New: Custom Text metadata uses the “|” character to indicate to try another value if the previous one is blank

2018-05-15 5.0.3

  • Fix: Albums created when exporting are created with the correct parent

2018-05-03 5.0.2

  • Fix: Displaying the path name of some long folders in the album selection pane no longer causes Lightroom to freeze

2018-05-01 5.0.1

  • Update: Setting value for “Display full hierarchy in album list” is now indicated when the album selection box is displayed
  • Fix: Uploading photos with empty metadata properties no longer generates an error

2018-04-28 5.0.0

  • Update: Box uploads for large files now upload in small chunks to improve reliability
  • Update: Parent keywords in a keyword hierarchy are uploaded

2018-04-19 4.9.9

  • Fix: Setting “Existing photos and videos” has the value “Delete everything in album” removed if it is not applicable to the upload service

2018-04-01 4.9.8

  • New: Setting “Export from publish service” when exporting sub-folder hierarchies gets the sub-folder names for the export from the published collection names
  • Fix: Custom Text metadata can now use “location”

2018-03-22 4.9.7

  • Fix: Uploading with the setting “Delete everything in album” no longer generates an error

2018-03-18 4.9.6

  • Fix: Existing photos are updated correctly

2018-02-23 4.9.5

  • New: Custom Text and Metadata values can now use metadata provided by Lightroom that is associated with the photo

2018-02-22 4.9.4

  • New: Setting “Existing photos and videos” now has a “Delete everything in album” value that allows existing albums to be wiped prior to uploading new photos

2018-02-01 4.9.3

  • New: Pinterest and Twitter keywords used in the photo summary or message text are prefixed with a “#” to allow them to be clickable in Pinterest and Twitter
  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.12)

2018-01-29 4.9.2

  • Fix: OneDrive allows upload of large files again

2018-01-20 4.9.1

  • Fix: SmugMug collections are updated correctly again

2018-01-09 4.9

  • New: Collection names can be made to match the album they redirect to using a new option in the Create\Edit Collection window called “Collection name matches album name”
  • Update: Google Drive keywords are restricted to 128KB and Zenfolio keywords are restricted to 4000 characters in total

2017-12-19 4.8.9

  • Fix: Flickr albums created by the plug-in are no longer left with a placeholder photo due to a new bug introduced by Flickr

2017-12-12 4.8.8

  • Update: Keywords synonyms can be exported by using the “Upload all keyword synonyms” setting even if the Lightroom setting for individual keywords “Include on Export” is off

2017-12-08 4.8.7

  • New: Extra keywords for each photo can be specified in the settings
  • Update: Twitter now shows how many characters remain in the post out of 280 characters
  • Fix: FTP displays a warning if the curl file is missing
  • Fix: Amazon Cloud Drive now checks for existing photos correctly again

2017-11-17 4.8.6

  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.11)
  • Fix: Google Drive photos are deleted correctly (if requested) when the photo format is TIFF

2017-11-14 4.8.5

  • New: Setting “Display full hierarchy in album list” now has an “Auto” value that tries to always show the full hierarchy if it can within a reasonable time period
  • Fix: Amazon Cloud Drive now checks for existing photos correctly again

2017-11-06 4.8.4

  • Update: Tree Mirror raises an error if the source folder is not a sub-folder of the source base folder

2017-10-29 4.8.3

  • Fix: OneDrive photos larger than 4MB can be uploaded again

2017-10-28 4.8.2

  • New: Lightroom photo metadata, such as IPTC category, can be used to update the values of the plug-in’s settings
  • Fix: New OneDrive publish service collections at the top level can be published again

2017-10-27 4.8.1

  • Fix: 500px allows “<” and “>” characters in the photo summary again

2017-10-25 4.8.0

  • New: OneDrive works with OneDrive Personal and OneDrive for Business
  • New: 500px uploads lens and focal length EXIF info
  • Fix: Facebook posts to pages no longer try and set the privacy for the post (which is not allowed by Facebook for pages)

2017-10-23 4.7.9

  • Update: OneDrive miscellaneous updates

2017-10-13 4.7.8

  • Update: Plug-in will retry if the destination server returns a 408 error (indicates a network timeout)

2017-10-05 4.7.7

  • New: Facebook photos have their date set to their original capture date
  • Update: Warning message is displayed for Facebook if settings do not upload the photo to an album or a post
  • Update: 500px, Amazon Cloud Drive, Blogger, Box, Facebook, Google Drive, Pinterest, SmugMug and WordPress allow the photo summary to include newline characters
  • Fix: Pinterest no longer reports an error when deleting a photo

2017-10-02 4.7.6

  • New: Configuration window has a “Large list style” setting to allow you to choose to display long lists using either a scrollable list (suits Windows) or menu (suits Mac)
  • Fix: Collections of type “redirect” default to the first available album and no longer generate an error the first time they are published to if no album was set when creating the collection

2017-09-27 4.7.5

  • Update: Publish service collections are now created more quickly if they are of the “redirect” type

2017-09-15 4.7.4

  • Update: Flickr and Picasa Web allow the photo summary to include newline characters
  • Fix: FTP folders are now identified correctly after the plug-in creates them

2017-09-13 4.7.3

  • New: Facebook has a new setting called “Post privacy” for setting the privacy for new posts
  • New: Configuration window has a “Log file write frequency” setting
  • Fix: Google Drive photo descriptions are now updated correctly

2017-09-11 4.7.2

  • Fix: Amazon Cloud Drive no longer sometimes displays a “bad filter” message when checking if a photo exists

2017-09-09 4.7.1

  • Update: 500px is restricted to 200 characters for each keyword (in accordance with 500px’s restrictions)

2017-08-20 4.7.0

  • Fix: Photos that are currently offline are handled in a more graceful manner

2017-08-11 4.6.9

  • Fix: Photos can be published to collections that are only in Lightroom

2017-08-09 4.6.8

  • Update: An error message is displayed when choosing a recent album to export to that no longer exists

2017-08-08 4.6.7

  • Fix: Using the setting “Generate photos one at a time” now temporarily places (and then deletes) the photos in the temp folder if you select the export location as being the temp folder

2017-08-01 4.6.6

  • Fix: Flickr photo privacy setting is now renamed from “New photo privacy” to “Photo privacy”

2017-07-30 4.6.5

  • Fix: An error message is no longer generated when the photo summary is set to “Metadata” but there is no metadata for the photo

2017-07-26 4.6.4

  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.10)
  • Fix: Existing photos for Tree Mirror can be deleted during export again

2017-07-19 4.6.3

  • New: Albums on 500px, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, Pinterest, SmugMug and Zenfolio can be given a description when using Lightroom’s publish capability
  • Update: Photo Upload plug-in works with Lightroom 6.12
  • Fix: Picasa Web allows upload of DNG files
  • Fix: Photos can be uploaded to the Facebook timeline again

2017-07-07 4.6.2

  • New: Albums on 500px, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, Pinterest, SmugMug and Zenfolio can be given a description when using Lightroom’s export capability
  • Fix: The “Existing photos and videos” setting “Always delete” no longer incorrectly searches for existing photos with the name of the one being uploaded

2017-07-05 4.6.1

  • Fix: Keywords can be uploaded again
  • Fix: Uploads no longer timeout or give HTTP/2 errors for Gmail, Google Drive or Picasa Web

2017-07-04 4.6.0

  • Fix: New photos can be uploaded to 500px again

2017-07-03 4.5.9

  • New: The value “custom” can be used as an alternative to “Title and caption” when filling in properties. This allows a custom format of photo metadata to be represented
  • Fix: WordPress works with latest Mac OS High Sierra preview (10.13.0)

2017-07-02 4.5.8

  • Fix: Twitter works with latest Mac OS High Sierra preview (10.13.0)
  • Fix: Uploading new photos no longer generates an error message for new photos

2017-06-28 4.5.7

  • Fix: Errors from the upload service are correctly reported when the plug-in tries to find existing photos by name
  • Fix: SmugMug uploads photos correctly again

2017-06-25 4.5.6

  • Fix: Existing Amazon Cloud Drive folders are identified correctly

2017-06-23 4.5.5

  • Update: Facebook settings “Auto generate feed story” and “New photo privacy” are now only used when uploading to an album
  • Fix: Getting the account name for a Facebook page no longer generates an error message

2017-06-21 4.5.4

  • New: Videos can be uploaded to WordPress

2017-06-21 4.5.3

  • New: Configuration window has a “Temporary folder for exported photos” setting
  • Fix: Refreshing tokens reports correctly if there is an internet error
  • Fix: Fixed a few issues when using SFTP to create, delete and rename photos and folders

2017-06-05 4.5.2

  • Fix: Zenfolio photos can be matched by name (if the photo name is different to the photo file name)

2017-06-03 4.5.1

  • Update: Keywords are sorted alphabetically rather than in the random order that Lightroom gives them to the plug-in
  • Fix: Photos can be matched by name again

2017-05-31 4.5.0

  • Update: Flickr enforces a limit of 75 keywords per photo

2017-05-30 4.4.9

  • Fix: Uploading multiple photos to Flickr no longer displays a misleading error at the end of the upload

2017-05-24 4.4.8

  • Update: Amazon Cloud Drive operations now retry if a 400 error is reported by Amazon

2017-05-22 4.4.7

  • Fix: 500px photo title, caption and keywords now strip 4 byte UTF8 characters as 500px is not able to handle them (even manually via its web UI)

2017-05-16 4.4.6

  • Fix: New photos can be marked as published successfully again using the “Mark as published” setting

2017-05-10 4.4.5

  • Fix: Tree Mirror no longer has “Unable to copy” message for photos that already exist in the destination folder

2017-05-08 4.4.4

  • New: Configuration window has a “Test Connection” button that tests connections to various websites to help troubleshoot internet and\or firewall problems
  • New: Configuration window has a “Time-out for internet connections” setting

2017-05-04 4.4.3

  • New: Configuration window has a “Log machine IP address” setting

2017-05-04 4.4.2

  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.9)
  • Update: WordPress posts that are not published are opened in edit mode after upload

2017-05-02 4.4.1

  • New: WordPress photos can be updated after they’ve been previously uploaded for use in a post

2017-04-30 4.4.0

  • New: WordPress media library photos can be updated (not just deleted and re-uploaded)
  • Update: Trial versions of 500px, Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest now allow you to create and upload to specific folders but with a reduced photo resolution

2017-04-28 4.3.9

  • Update: Trial versions of Amazon Cloud Drive, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SmugMug and Zenfolio now allow you to create and upload to specific folders but with a reduced photo resolution

2017-04-26 4.3.8

  • Update: Display a friendly message if photos could not be exported because Lightroom did not render them (e.g. if the temp folder is full)

2017-04-24 4.3.7

  • New: Videos can be uploaded to Zenfolio
  • Fix: Tree Mirror can find existing photos in the destination folder again

2017-04-19 4.3.6

  • Update: Setting “Mark as published” renamed to “Mark new as published” and now only works on new photos in a published collection, not modified photos

2017-04-14 4.3.5

  • New: Setting “Mark as published” allows photos to be marked as “Published” in Lightroom without taking the time to individually render and upload them
  • Fix: Flickr photos that no longer exist on Flickr are identified correctly

2017-04-03 4.3.4

  • Update: Cancelling the settings window during a publish operation now cancels the entire upload

2017-04-02 4.3.3

  • Fix: Pinterest albums can be created again

2017-03-31 4.3.2

  • Fix: Flickr albums no longer have a small Photo Upload logo remaining when they are created with only a single photo in them

2017-03-21 4.3.1

  • Fix: 500px photos that already exist can be deleted during upload again

2017-03-20 4.3.0

  • Update: FTP does not show files in the directory list
  • Fix: Albums can be created using publish services again

2017-03-19 4.2.9

  • Update: FTP does not show hidden files and directories

2017-03-13 4.2.8

  • Update: Uploading to private SmugMug galleries is no longer permitted by SmugMug and now displays an error message

2017-03-07 4.2.7

  • Update: Allow upload with Lightroom 6.9

2017-03-07 4.2.6

  • Update: SmugMug galleries can now be created with a visibility of “Unlisted”
  • Update: Default SmugMug galleries are now created as “Unlisted” instead of “Private” (as a recent bug on the SmugMug servers prevents photos being uploaded to “Private” galleries)
  • Fix: Photos can be uploaded to SmugMug again (SmugMug servers appear to be incorrectly indicating an upload failure so the plug-in must ignore this error code)

2017-03-04 4.2.5

  • Fix: FTP no longer generates an error when browsing to an empty directory

2017-02-28 4.2.4

  • Fix: Blogger and Tumblr uploads no longer generate an error if no message text is specified

2017-02-24 4.2.3

  • Update: Picasa Web albums in Lightroom that are directly linked to albums on Picasa Web are now converted to be redirected albums since Picasa Web no longer supports creating albums
  • Fix: Tree Mirror allows exporting to a publish service again

2017-02-17 4.2.2

  • Fix: Google Drive mobile app no longer displays an error message when viewing DNG files

2017-02-11 4.2.1

  • Fix: Tree Mirror reports a descriptive error when deleting a published photo that can no longer be found in the file system

2017-02-11 4.2.0

  • Update: Unlicensed Picasa Web now restricts photos to a max size of 150×150 since it can no longer create a default album to upload the photos to

2017-02-08 4.1.9

  • Update: Picasa Web no longer allows albums to be created/renamed/deleted and photos to be updated/deleted. Photos can still be uploaded to existing albums. This is in response to Google removing the capability from their Picasa Web service (there is currently no alternative for 3rd party apps to upload to Google Photos than Google’s old Picasa Web service)
  • Fix: Publish service folders (i.e. not albums) can be edited again

2017-01-31 4.1.8

  • Fix: Blogger accounts can be authenticated again

2017-01-30 4.1.7

  • Fix: SFTP (Windows-only) connections work again

2017-01-28 4.1.6

  • Update: Tree Mirror creates the folder if the destination base folder does not exist
  • Fix: Picasa Web photos upload again

2017-01-21 4.1.5

  • Update: Tree Mirror reports if the destination base folder does not exist

2017-01-21 4.1.4

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Gmail (

2017-01-16 4.1.3

  • New: Flickr allows you to upload photos to Flickr group photo pools (as well as albums)
  • Update: Twitter posts allow you to enter 140 characters

2017-01-10 4.1.2

  • Fix: Sidecar files can be uploaded again

2017-01-03 4.1.1

  • Update: FTP reports if the Start Directory is not valid when the account is setup
  • Fix: Plug-in no longer displays an “invalid path” error in the album selection window if the recently uploaded folder no longer exists
  • Fix: FTP identifies whether or not an album exists more reliably

2016-12-19 4.1.0

  • Update: Post text includes a new line when combining title and caption, rather than just a space

2016-12-17 4.0.9

  • Fix: Uploading Google Drive photos no longer generates an error if no parent folders exist on Google Drive for the photo

2016-12-04 4.0.8

  • Update: Twitter tweet text length limit is no longer enforced by the plug-in

2016-11-22 4.0.7

  • Update: Blogger, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and WordPress have specific settings for the text to include when creating posts (rather than using the photo summary text)

2016-11-17 4.0.6

  • Fix: Error is no longer reported when uploading a photo for the first time (error introduced in 4.0.5)

2016-11-16 4.0.5

  • Fix: Tree Mirror deletes files (if requested) when they already exist during export

2016-11-15 4.0.4

  • New: Tumblr setting allows the photo date to be used as the date for a new post
  • New: Setting allows you to remove specific named folders when exporting a sub-folder hierarchy

2016-11-08 4.0.3

  • Fix: Error no longer occurs when connecting to FTP and Twitter (error introduced in 4.0.1)

2016-11-07 4.0.2

  • Fix: Error is no longer reported when connecting to 500px, Flickr, SmugMug, Tumblr and Twitter (error introduced in 4.0.1)

2016-11-07 4.0.1

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2016-11-05 4.0.0

  • New: Photo title and summary settings allow the value to be derived from the photo’s keywords
  • New: WordPress settings allow you to specify properties for a photo’s alternate text and description

2016-10-29 3.9.9

  • New: Twitter allows videos to be uploaded
  • Update: Twitter now permits photos to be up to 5MB and videos to be up to 15MB in size

2016-10-27 3.9.8

  • Fix: Amazon Cloud Drive now displays all albums in the album selection list

2016-10-21 3.9.7

  • Update: Facebook settings allow photos to be both uploaded to albums and included in newly created posts

2016-10-19 3.9.6

  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.8)
  • Fix: Facebook and WordPress no longer always prompt for post text even if you have chosen not to create a post
  • Fix: Facebook photo URLs are retrieved correctly again

2016-10-13 3.9.5

  • Fix: Tree Mirror publish service albums that have not yet been published can be deleted from Lightroom without an error message

2016-10-12 3.9.4

  • New: Window for creating posts for Blogger, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and WordPress now displays the photo that will be displayed with the post
  • New: Picasa Web setting allows you to create “Protected” albums that only you can access
  • Update: Facebook account status now reports the total number of albums and photos
  • Update: When using the setting for “Combine photos into one post”, if the setting is unticked then a separate create post window for each photo is displayed
  • Fix: Tree Mirror adds photos to published service albums again

2016-10-10 3.9.3

  • Fix: Tumblr can now handle creating posts that take more than one minute again

2016-10-10 3.9.2

  • Fix: Picasa Web can now handle uploads that last longer than one hour again

2016-10-08 3.9.1

  • New: WordPress settings allow you to create posts with your photos (as well as upload them to the WordPress media library)
  • Update: WordPress account status now displays number of site posts, comments and visitors
  • Update: Picasa Web now reports the error message from Google if you try to upload more photos to an album than are permitted (max 2000)

2016-10-05 3.9

  • New: Picasa Web setting allows you to specify the title for a photo
  • New: Settings window has a Reset button

2016-09-29 3.8.9

  • New: Facebook setting allows you to schedule your posts (Facebook only allows this when posting to a Facebook page, not a user timeline)

2016-09-27 3.8.8

  • New: Facebook settings allow you to create posts with your photos (as well as upload them to albums)

2016-09-26 3.8.7

  • New: Configuration window has an “Extra parameters” setting

2016-09-24 3.8.6

  • New: Configuration window has a “Retries for internet” setting
  • Update: Improved error reporting for internet timeouts when retrieving album lists

2016-09-23 3.8.5

  • New: Photo title and summary settings allow the value to be taken from the plug-in’s metadata “Settings” property

2016-09-20 3.8.4

  • New: Tumblr photo source website can be specified using the “Photo source website” setting
  • Update: Blogger, Tumblr and Twitter now handle line breaks in the post text
  • Update: Configuration window has a Reset button

2016-09-18 3.8.3

  • New: Tumblr has a setting for creating posts with a “queue” state

2016-09-17 3.8.2

  • New: Plug-in “Configuration” window allows you to override the internet timeout settings (to allow for longer timeouts when using the plug-in with slow internet connections)
  • Fix: Blogger, Tumblr and Twitter uploads no longer generate an unexpected error if no photos were uploaded

2016-09-15 3.8.1

  • New: Blogger setting allows you to specify the size for the image within the post
  • Update: Zenfolio is restricted to 200 characters for each keyword (in accordance with Zenfolio’s restrictions)
  • Update: Timeout of 1 min for all internet operations except uploading files
  • Update: OneDrive folder lists are retrieved more quickly when “Display full hierarchy in album list” is selected
  • Fix: Internet operation retries now occur correctly on Macs

2016-09-14 3.8

  • Update: Blogger is restricted to 200 characters in total for all post labels and a maximum of 20 per post (in accordance with Blogger restrictions)

2016-09-13 3.7.9

  • New: Blogger posts now include photo keywords and location information
  • New: Blogger setting allows you to use the photo summary for the post’s photo caption
  • New: Blogger setting allows you to specify no text for the post
  • Update: SmugMug folder lists are retrieved more quickly when “Display full hierarchy in album list” is selected
  • Fix: All SmugMug folders and albums are displayed correctly in the album selection list for each level in the folder hierarchy

2016-09-10 3.7.8

  • New: Blogger setting allows you to create new posts in a draft state, rather than published

2016-09-08 3.7.7

  • Fix: Photos with semi-colons in their filenames are now uploaded correctly

2016-09-05 3.7.6

  • Update: Timeout of 2 mins for all internet operations except uploading files where the timeout is 24 hours to cope with slow internet connections and potentially large photos and videos

2016-09-04 3.7.5

  • New: Setting overrides can now specify the plug-in when looking up values from a photo’s plug-in metadata

2016-09-03 3.7.4

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Blogger (
  • Fix: Default publish service albums (e.g. “Untitled”) that have not yet been created on the service can be renamed in Lightroom again

2016-08-31 3.7.3

  • New: Setting “Ignore sub-folder” allows you to specify the names of sub-folders that contain photos that should not be uploaded, e.g. a sub-folder named “source” may contain photos as part of a panorama or stack
  • Fix: OneDrive now retrieves and shows the full folder path again

2016-08-31 3.7.2

  • New: Twitter and Tumblr setting allows you to either create one combined post with your uploaded photos or separate posts
  • New: Twitter and Tumblr setting allows you to use the photo summary as the post text (instead of manually entered text)
  • Fix: Base folder setting can now be set when displaying the Settings window at the start of a publish operation

2016-08-26 3.7.1

  • New: Setting overrides can now lookup values from a photo’s plug-in metadata
  • New: Plug-in tests the authentication is still valid when uploading if it has not been used for 60 mins
  • Fix: Base Folder setting is used correctly when creating publish service albums and folders
  • Fix: Google Drive displays the path to albums correctly

2016-08-06 3.7

  • Update: License button now visible when editing a publish service album or folder
  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.7)

2016-07-21 3.6.9

  • Fix: Tree Mirror no longer reports an error when exporting to a publish service and a destination folder has not been specified

2016-06-29 3.6.8

  • Update: Improvements to handling of license keys
  • Update: Dropbox authentication now uses latest version of Dropbox API (v2)

2016-06-19 3.6.7

  • Fix: Photos that were not successfully published to Tumblr are no longer indicated as “published” by Lightroom
  • Fix: Publishing to Tree Mirror no longer generates an error

2016-06-14 3.6.6

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2016-06-06 3.6.5

  • Update: SmugMug service uses latest version of SmugMug API (v2)
  • Fix: FTP no longer reports an error if a port has not been specified
  • Fix: Tumblr lets you correctly select a blog if you have multiple blogs for your Tumblr account

2016-06-01 3.6.4

  • New: Sub-folder names can be restricted to just the name of the first one, when using the sub-folder hierarchy setting
  • Fix: SmugMug authentication reverted back to same as version 3.6.3 (SmugMug have reverted their server settings so the previous update to the plug-in is no longer required)
  • Fix: Large videos can be uploaded correctly (greater than 2GB)

2016-05-21 3.6.3

  • Fix: SmugMug authentication works again on all Macs (was previously not working on Macs running recent OS updates)
  • Fix: Large videos can be uploaded (Lightroom was previously limiting the plug-in to uploads where the file size was no more than 2GB)

2016-05-06 3.6.2

  • Fix: Displayed count when retrieving albums no longer reports “nil” (bug introduced in 3.6.1)

2016-05-05 3.6.1

  • Fix: For publish services, opening the “create album” window or “edit album” window no longer generates an error when no upload service has been configured

2016-04-26 3.6

  • Fix: Amazon Cloud Drive folders with more than 200 sub-folders are handled and displayed correctly

2016-04-26 3.5.9

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2016-04-25 3.5.8

  • Update: Improved error message when trying to create sub-folders within albums on some services (e.g. Zenfolio) that do not permit sub-folders everywhere
  • Update: Optimisations to increase the speed of photo uploads to Zenfolio

2016-04-19 3.5.7

  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.6)
  • Update: Facebook authorisation now redirects to a HTTPS address (mandatory change required by Facebook)

2016-04-13 3.5.6

  • Fix: All albums are displayed in the album selection window after opening the Settings window (previously some albums were being incorrectly hidden)

2016-04-12 3.5.5

  • Update: Settings windows displays a note when the settings are only for the current operation and will not be stored by Lightroom
  • Fix: Zenfolio root groups are retrieved using a public call to Zenfolio

2016-04-05 3.5.4

  • Fix: Album selection no longer reports an invalid path when trying to export a photo that has previously been exported to an album that has since been deleted

2016-04-04 3.5.3

  • Update: OneDrive folder lists are retrieved more quickly when “Display full hierarchy in album list” is disabled

2016-04-01 3.5.2

  • Fix: Larger photo uploads to Dropbox now upload successfully

2016-03-24 3.5.1

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2016-03-19 3.5

  • New: Pinterest photo website can be specified using the “Photo website” setting

2016-03-12 3.4.9

  • Fix: FTP account settings now report an error during authentication if the “Start directory” does not exist on the FTP server
  • Fix: OneDrive no longer gives an intermittent upload error when uploading photos

2016-03-07 3.4.8

  • New: 500px and Flickr “Photo license” setting now allows you to choose the option to derive the license type based on the photo’s Copyright Info URL metadata
  • New: Photo-specific settings can be overridden for each photo by putting comma separate values into a photo’s “Settings” plug-in metadata, e.g. FlickrPhotoPrivacy=”Friends & Family”, FlickrPhotoLicense=Attribution-NonCommercial
  • New: “Put in sub-folder” setting for creating an additional fixed name sub-folder when uploading photos (was previously only available for Tree Mirror)
  • Fixed: All Amazon Cloud folders are displayed when the setting “Display full hierarchy in album list” is selected

2016-02-12 3.4.7

  • New: Metadata property “Published” is set to “Yes” when publishing photos
  • New: Flickr setting allows photo licenses to be set only for new uploads
  • New: Flickr setting allows photo privacy to be set only for new uploads

2016-02-11 3.4.6

  • Fix: Creating new Flickr albums works again

2016-02-06 3.4.5

  • Fix: Specifying a base folder works again when exporting new photos

2016-02-05 3.4.4

  • Fix: Pinterest published collections can now be redirected correctly to existing albums

2016-02-04 3.4.3

  • Fix: Dropbox album path now displays correctly when selecting an album

2016-02-02 3.4.2

  • Update: Plug-in uses latest version of the Dropbox API (v2)
  • Fix: Uploading to 500px no longer reports an error when trying to link the photo to the album

2016-01-27 3.4.1

  • Update: Additional checks when using publish services to make sure you have an account selected in the publish service settings

2016-01-27 3.4

  • Update: Plug-in is now more responsive if operation is cancelled during repeated retries

2016-01-23 3.3.9

  • New: Box uploads can now include keywords
  • Update: Plug-in uses latest version of the Google Drive API (v3)
  • Update: All internet operations, including account authentication, now retry the operation if a retry is needed
  • Fix: Some services, such as Facebook, FTP and Tree Mirror, no longer display an incorrect authentication status error

2016-01-20 3.3.8

  • Update: Retry mechanism retries the operation more times if the plug-in receives an internet connection error that requires a retry

2016-01-19 3.3.7

  • New: Flickr photos can be uploaded with a license specified by the “License for uploaded photos” setting

2016-01-19 3.3.6

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Tumblr (

2016-01-12 3.3.5

  • New: 500px albums can be created as public or private using the “Privacy for new albums” setting
  • Update: 500px albums are now created as 500px “galleries”, allowing free accounts to create albums
  • Update: Renaming 500px albums also renames the URL path to that album
  • Fix: Photos in 500px published collections can be opened in a Web browser again using “Go to published photo”
  • Fix: Albums on Picasa Web can now be opened in a Web browser if you have more than 1000 Picasa Web albums

2015-12-15 3.3.4

  • Update: Improved error message when trying to create a 500px gallery when a 500px path with that name already exists

2015-12-08 3.3.3

  • Update: Improved error reporting when updating the plug-in
  • Fix: The default publish service album created by the plug-in can be renamed again

2015-11-29 3.3.2

  • Fix: New albums can be created on Flickr again

2015-11-27 3.3.1

  • Fix: Tree Mirror now allows you to export a folder hierarchy with the “all” setting again

2015-11-25 3.3

  • Fix: The default publish service album created by the plug-in can be edited with the unlicensed version of the plug-in

2015-11-23 3.2.9

  • Update: Virtual folders (i.e. publish folders in Lightroom only) can now be created for all services

2015-11-22 3.2.8

  • Update: All services can display the full album hierarchy in the album selection list (previously only a subset of services could display the full hierarchy)
  • Update: Pinterest photos are restricted to the maximum file size of 10MB permitted by Pinterest
  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 6.3

2015-11-18 3.2.7

  • Fix: Progress bar displayed during uploading now shows progress correctly

2015-11-11 3.2.6

  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.5)
  • Update: Facebook account display name includes email address, if one is available
  • Fix: Facebook news feed page can now be opened in a Web browser again

2015-11-09 3.2.5

  • New: Filter text box next to album selection list allows you to type a few characters to reduce the number of items in the list
  • Update: Changed style of album selection list for benefit of Mac users (Lightroom does not extend drop down lists horizontally on Macs the same way it does on Windows – making it hard to see long path names)

2015-10-29 3.2.4

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Pinterest (

2015-10-22 3.2.3

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2015-10-10 3.2.2

  • Fix: Updating existing photos only when the name matches now works again

2015-10-07 3.2.1

  • Update: Uploading to Zenfolio works again following some changes Zenfolio made to their server authentication

2015-10-06 3.2

  • Fix: Using Update to check for new versions of the plug-in no longer reports an error when trying to read the latest version number

2015-10-06 3.1.9

  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 6.2
  • Fix: Plug-in now works for all upload services on Windows machines where the user name (and therefore temp folder path) contains non-ASCII characters

2015-09-29 3.1.8

  • Fix: Publish service albums of type “re-direct” for root folders on some services (e.g. Flickr) no longer change to the most recent album when photos are published

2015-09-29 3.1.7

  • New: Settings and Help Guide buttons are now available in the window used when creating or editing publish service albums\folders
  • New: OneDrive can now display the full hierarchy of all available folders in the album selection list
  • New: Photo summaries for Facebook can be left blank (rather than defaulting to the file name if blank)
  • New: Setting for specifying the photo summary when uploading to Box

2015-09-24 3.1.6

  • Update: FTP indicates in the Add/Refresh account window if SFTP is not available on the machine
  • Fix: Uploads to Amazon Cloud Drive now work again (broken in the last version)

2015-09-22 3.1.5

  • Fix: FTP correctly handles photos and albums containing non-ASCII characters

2015-09-17 3.1.4

  • Update: Changed upload destination of photos being uploaded to Flickr

2015-09-14 3.1.3

  • Update: Communication with SmugMug uses secure HTTP  (SmugMug mandate HTTPS from 15 Oct 2015)

2015-09-14 3.1.2

  • Update: Clearer wording used when displaying the account status when no account has yet been created

2015-09-13 3.1.1

  • Fix: Plug-in now uploads files that have dollar signs in their file names (on Mac)

2015-09-08 3.1

  • Update: FTP uploads now allow the file name to be changed when a photo is uploaded multiple times
  • Fix: Flickr no longer crashes when uploading a photo

2015-09-04 3.0.9

  • Fix: Plug-in now uploads files that have double quotation marks in their file names (on Mac)

2015-08-26 3.0.8

  • Fix: Plug-in now identifies valid file extensions correctly when uploading photos

2015-08-20 3.0.7

  • Update: Retrieving Picasa Web albums now reports progress when there are many albums to retrieve
  • Fix: Updating photos on Zenfolio when “always skip” (existing photos) and “auto-link raw files” are selected no longer reports an error

2015-08-18 3.0.6

  • New: Retrieving albums now shows a visual progression indicator in the albums selection box for many upload services

2015-08-14 3.0.5

  • New: Multiple folders separated by a “|” can be set for the Source base folder setting

2015-08-10 3.0.4

  • New: OneDrive photos can have their description updated
  • Update: Reduced the number of permissions the plug-in requires for OneDrive
  • Update: Incorrect paths for albums are highlighted with a warning in red
  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.4)
  • Update: Settings window is now scrollable on Lightroom 4 or greater

2015-07-22: 3.0.3

  • New: Photos can now be deleted and duplicated on WordPress

2015-07-02: 3.0.2

  • Update: Minor UI changes

2015-06-19: 3.0.1

  • Fix: Virtual copies of photos now correctly move to “Published photos” when publishing
  • Fix: Publish service albums can now be correctly redirected to the root albums for 500px, Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug and Zenfolio

2015-06-16: 3.0

  • Update: Plug-in allows upload with Lightroom 6.1

2015-06-16: 2.9.9

  • Fix: An error is no longer reported when uploading to Zenfolio

2015-06-14: 2.9.8

  • Fix: Photos can be updated on OneDrive if they already exist

2015-06-08: 2.9.7

  • Fix: Errors raised during export are handled without a plug-in crash

2015-06-07: 2.9.6

  • Fix: The plug-in works with Lightroom 3.x again

2015-06-05: 2.9.5

  • Fix: An error message is no longer reported when editing an album in a publish service

2015-06-03: 2.9.4

  • New: Added a button in the main Export/Publish Service window for viewing the guides on how to use the plug-in
  • Update: Improved error reporting if some of the plug-in files are missing

2015-05-26: 2.9.3

  • Fix: Flickr uploads no longer get photo tags when the settings is to never upload keywords

2015-05-19: 2.9.2

  • Fix: All Dropbox albums are now shown when the “Display full hierarchy in album list” setting is turned on

2015-05-17: 2.9.1

  • New: Setting for “Generate exports one at a time” controls whether exports are managed one at a time (to prevent CPU overload and preserve disk space)

2015-05-16: 2.9

  • Fix: Photos can be uploaded from publish services again

2015-05-15: 2.8.9

  • New: Exports are done one file at a time, preventing CPU “overload” at the beginning of the export and preventing disk space from being temporarily but excessively used up when exporting many files at once
  • Fix: Setting for “Open album after export” is no longer ignored for Tree Mirror
  • Fix: Exporting a sub-folder hierarchy no longer reports an error on Dropbox and Box

2015-05-09: 2.8.8

  • Fix: Can create publish service folders and albums again

2015-05-08: 2.8.7

  • Fix: Improvements to descriptions used when creating or renaming publish service albums

2015-05-07: 2.8.6

  • New: Folders and albums in publish services can be re-directed to existing folders and albums on the upload service
  • New: Setting for exporting all keyword synonyms
  • Fix: Highlight when creating a 500px album if an album already exists with the same URL/path

2015-04-21: 2.8.5

  • New: Setting allows you to specify whether or not Lightroom keywords are uploaded with the photo (inc. only when uploading a new photo)

2015-04-20: 2.8.4

  • Fix: Flickr photos are not duplicated when uploaded to Flickr’s photostream
  • Fix: Flickr’s photostream can be opened after uploading photos to it
  • Fix: Default settings are now applied correctly when changing upload services

2015-04-17: 2.8.3

  • New: Location metadata for photos is now uploaded to Flickr

2015-04-15: 2.8.2

  • Fix: Base folder now selected correctly during export

2015-04-14: 2.8.1

  • Fix: Sub-folder hierarchies can now be exported to SmugMug correctly
  • Fix: SmugMug albums can be renamed correctly

2015-04-12: 2.8

  • Update: Videos up to 1.5GB can be uploaded to Facebook
  • Fix: New publish services can be created without reporting a problem that the default Untitled album cannot be created

2015-04-09: 2.7.9

  • New: Photos and videos published to Facebook can now be deleted from Facebook by the plug-in
  • Update: Plug-in now uses latest version of the Facebook API (v2.3)

2015-04-07: 2.7.8

  • Update: OneDrive now supports file sizes up to 10GB
  • Update: OneDrive now checks for existing files by file name as well as checking if they have been previously uploaded by the plug-in (under a different name)

2015-04-06: 2.7.7

  • Fix: Amazon Cloud Drive no longer reports a quota error on accounts with unlimited storage

2015-04-01: 2.7.6

  • New: Publish service albums can now be linked to the root album on the service (e.g. Facebook’s “News Feed”) by a setting available when editing the album
  • Update: Unlicensed plug-in now shows you available albums during an export (but only the licensed version allows you to select them)

2015-03-30: 2.7.5

  • Fix: Uploading a sub-folder hierarchy from a publish service album now starts the uploaded sub-folder hierarchy from the specified base folder

2015-03-30: 2.7.4

  • New: Publish service albums and folders can be set as being virtual, i.e. they are not created on the upload service
  • Update: Setting for exporting the sub-folder hiearchy can now also be applied to 500px, Facebook, Picasa Web, SmugMug and Zenfolio

2015-03-23: 2.7.3

  • Update: Twitter photos restricted to 4096 x 4096 pixels

2015-03-15: 2.7.2

  • Update: Google Drive default setting is now not to show the full folder hierarchy

2015-03-06: 2.7.1

  • New: Tree Mirror now exports photos to publish services more quickly

2015-03-06: 2.7

  • New: Tree Mirror setting allowing you to specify whether photos go into an additional album when exporting to a publish service
  • Update: Facebook permissions updated (Facebook groups permission removed)

2015-02-28: 2.6.9

  • Update: Improved error reporting for Zenfolio when the account storage quota is exceeded

2015-02-27: 2.6.8

  • New: Setting for displaying the Photo Upload “Settings” window prior to publishing photos

2015-02-27: 2.6.7

  • New: 500px free accounts now always upload photos to the main 500px library (since new albums cannot be created for free accounts on 500px)

2015-02-26: 2.6.6

  • New: 500px settings for uploaded photo categories and licenses

2015-02-25: 2.6.5

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Copy (
  • Update: Picasa Web video size limit changed to 100MB

2015-02-25: 2.6.4

  • New: Tree Mirror can now export and create collections on Tree Mirror publish services
  • New: Zenfolio setting allows new albums to inherit their access settings from the parent container

2015-02-23: 2.6.3

  • Fix: Facebook permissions updated to allow posting for new users

2015-02-22: 2.6.2

  • Fix: Uploading photos to multiple albums in Flickr no longer leaves temporary photos in some of the albums

2015-02-22: 2.6.1

  • Fix: Creating an album on Flickr no longer causes an error

2015-02-18: 2.6

  • New: Included new service called Tree Mirror that incorporates the features of the Tree Mirror Export plug-in into Photo Upload
  • New: SmugMug can now display the full hierarchy of all available folders in the album selection list
  • Fix: The default album created for a new Publish Service is no longer incorrectly identified as virtual


  • Fix: Photos and videos can be uploaded again

2015-02-15: 2.5.9

  • New: Amazon Cloud Drive can now display the full hierarchy of all available folders in the album selection list

2015-02-15: 2.5.8

  • New: Virtual albums and folders can be created for services that do not support creating online albums
  • New: Sub-folder names can be combined, or just the name of the last one taken, when using the sub-folder hierarchy setting
  • Fix: Amazon Cloud Drive enforces a limit of 10 keywords per photo

2015-02-11: 2.5.7

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Flickr’s Photostream (as well as Flickr albums)
  • New: Additional album name can be specified when using the “Export sub-folder hierarchy after folder” setting

2015-02-09: 2.5.6

  • Fix: Photos can be uploaded to Zenfolio again (previous fix broke this)

2015-02-05: 2.5.5

  • Fix: “Go to published photo” works correctly on WordPress

2015-02-03: 2.5.4

  • Fix: Updated authentication for WordPress

2015-02-03: 2.5.3

  • Fix: Authentication problem no longer occurs on Macs for some upload services (in particular this occurred for WordPress)

2015-02-02: 2.5.2

  • Fix: Photos with file names containing commas are now uploaded correctly

2015-02-01: 2.5.1

  • Fix: Photo titles for all upload services now have illegal punctuation characters removed for compatibility with OneDrive. Photo summaries are not affected

2015-01-31: 2.5

  • Fix: Problem resolved that was introduced in the last two fixes affecting Mac users on various upload services

2015-01-30: 2.4.9

  • Fix: Settings for individual upload services applied correctly

2015-01-30: 2.4.8

  • Fix: Photos with apostrophes in their file names upload correctly to Zenfolio on Macs

2015-01-26: 2.4.7

  • Update: Additional error reporting when a license key is entered instead of an authentication code during authentication

2015-01-21: 2.4.6

  • New: Google Drive can now display the full hierarchy of all available folders in the album selection list

2015-01-17: 2.4.5

  • Update: Setting “Existing photos and videos” will not generate a user notification when skipping existing photos while uploading via Publish

2015-01-17: 2.4.4

  • New: Setting for displaying the full hierarchy of available folders in the album selection list (rather than one folder’s contents at a time) – currently for Dropbox and Zenfolio

2015-01-13: 2.4.3

  • New: FTP albums can now be deleted, providing that they are empty
  • Fix: Setting for sorting albums by date when Exporting can no longer accidentally be applied to a service that does not support albums having dates
  • Fix: FTP albums that contain no files are now displayed in the album list during an Export

2015-01-07: 2.4

  • Update: Settings options now indicate if they apply to Exporting only (rather than Publishing)

2015-01-05: 2.3.9

  • Fix: Picasa Web and Google Drive authentication updated

2015-01-03: 2.3.8

  • Fix: FTP using SFTP now allows you to create albums (and delete photos etc.)

2015-01-01: 2.3.7

  • New: FTP protocol SFTP now supported on Windows (not supported on Mac)
  • Update: Internet operations with connections that timeout are now retried
  • Update: Removed the setting for “Export sub-folder hierarchy” when viewing the settings for a publish service
  • Update: Display a friendly message when trying to upload photos to a folder that cannot contain photos (for Zenfolio and SmugMug)
  • Fix: Authentication works for OneDrive again

2014-12-22: 2.3.6

  • New: Setting for skipping the upload of photos that already exist on the service
  • Update: Disabled uploading photos to Facebook “groups” since Facebook don’t yet have a suitable and stable API for uploading photos directly to groups

2014-12-15: 2.3.5

  • New: Setting for uploading sidecar (XMP) files alongside RAW photos

2014-12-12: 2.3.4

  • Fix: Published albums can be deleted for Amazon Cloud Drive

2014-12-04: 2.3.3

  • Update: Small speed optimisation when checking for existing albums during a publish operation
  • Update: Small speed optimisation when uploading new photos to Amazon Cloud Drive

2014-11-27: 2.3.2

  • Update: Cloud Drive now referred to as Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Update: Default album for unlicensed plug-in now named “Photo Upload for Lightroom”

2014-11-26: 2.3.1

  • Fix: Creating the default album for the trial version could raise an error with SmugMug

2014-11-24: 2.3

  • Update: Default album for unlicensed plug-in now named “Photo Upload”
  • Update: Removed Bitcasa support since Bitcasa no longer provide API access to their consumer storage

2014-11-22: 2.2.9

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Amazon Cloud Drive (
  • Fix: Photos can be deleted from Dropbox
  • Fix: Photos can be renamed or deleted in FTP even if they contain spaces in their name
  • Fix: Albums can be retrieved from FTP when SSL/TLS is required

2014-11-19: 2.2.8

  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 5.7
  • Fix: Temporary photo uploaded to Flickr is now removed as expected

2014-11-14: 2.2.7

  • New: Setting for determining whether the album date is displayed in the album selection window during Export

2014-11-13: 2.2.6

  • Update: Facebook groups, Zenfolio groups and SmugMug folders are highlighted differently to albums in the album selection window
  • Update: Error message improved when trying to upload to something other than a valid album, e.g. a Zenfolio group

2014-11-11: 2.2.5

  • New: Picasa Web support many additional photo formats, inc. many RAW formats
  • Update: Picasa Web max photo size is now 100MB and max video size is now 1000MB

2014-11-11: 2.2.4

  • New: Album selection windows highlights if you have selected to export the sub-folder hierarchy

2014-11-11: 2.2.3

  • Fix: Export and Publish operations can be cancelled

2014-11-10: 2.2.2

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Facebook “groups” (but Facebook does not allow new “group” albums to be created)

2014-11-07: 2.2.1

  • Update: Prevent plug-in retrying the upload to OneDrive if it is already  being throttled by OneDrive

2014-11-03: 2.2

  • Fix: Base Folder setting is correctly applied when using Export

2014-10-30: 2.1.9

  • Update: Twitter account calls are reduced
  • Update: Removed album ordering settings if they were not applicable for the selected service

2014-10-29: 2.1.8

  • Update: Restricted Twitter tweets to 117 characters (i.e. the maximum 140 less space for the URL to the photos)

2014-10-29: 2.1.7

2014-10-26: 2.1.6

2014-10-25: 2.1.5

  • Update: FTP tries to use TLS in preference to SSL
  • Fix: FTP account names now include the user name
  • Fix: Base Folder setting no longer applied if it is not applicable for the service

2014-10-17: 2.1.4

  • Fix: Zenfolio no longer fails to get the album properties for some accounts

2014-10-16: 2.1.3

  • Fix: Uploading photos to Zenfolio with “&” in the caption no longer fails

2014-10-15: 2.1.2

  • Fix: FTP service works again following changes introduced in 2.1.1

2014-10-15: 2.1.1

  • Update: Unlicensed FTP service allows you to select your album for the upload but restricts the file size
  • Update: Improved error message when trying to move folders/albums for published services that do not support moving folders/albums
  • Fix: Setting a base folder with an FTP site no longer prevents you renaming or deleting published collections

2014-10-14: 2.1

  • Fix: Removed error introduced in 2.0.9 that prevented some publish services being created

2014-10-13: 2.0.9

  • Fix: Moving published collections and collection sets now works as expected when a base folder is set in the settings
  • Fix: The base folder setting now only allows you to choose albums/folders that can contain child albums/folders
  • Fix: Zenfolio no longer attempts to upload to an account that it does not have access to
  • Update: Improved the error message if you try uploading using a base folder that no longer exists

2014-10-12: 2.0.8

  • Fix: FTP album list no longer includes incorrect album entries, e.g. “.” or “..”

2014-10-10: 2.0.7

  • Update: Display improved error message if the account name cannot be retrieved from the online service

2014-10-09: 2.0.6

  • Fix: Photo tags are now separated and updated correctly when uploading to Flickr

2014-10-08: 2.0.5

  • Update: Improved error message when using a firewall on a Mac OS

2014-10-06: 2.0.4

  • Fix: Uploading photos and tags to 500px works again following changes introduced in 2.0.2

2014-10-04: 2.0.3

  • Fix: Published collections and collection sets can be removed from Lightroom even if the online service does not allow the plug-in to delete them

2014-10-03: 2.0.2

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to FTP sites

2014-10-01: 2.0.1

  • New: Setting for determining whether the album is opened in a Web browser after an Export
  • Fix: Setting for “Base folder” can be set (works again)

2014-09-30: 2.0

  • Fix: When selecting a photo upload destination from the recently used list, photos can be uploaded to the root folder
  • Fix: Box authentication no longer lasts just 1 hour at a time (it now lasts indefinitely if the plug-in is used at least once every 60 days to access Box)

2014-09-23: 1.9.9

  • Fix: Stability improvements for Mac OS for changes introduced in version 1.9.7

2014-09-23: 1.9.8

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2014-09-22: 1.9.7

  • New: Setting for specifying the photo data that makes up the photo summary

2014-09-13: 1.9.6

  • New: Plug-in metadata property “Exported” is set to “Yes” when you have Exported (not Published) a photo so that you can browse the photos with this property in Lightroom’s Library
  • New: Setting for removing the file extension when using the exported photo file name for the photo title
  • Update: Removed the 2GB file size limit for Bitcasa photos and videos

2014-09-01: 1.9.5

  • Update: Improved error message if you accidentally enter a Photo Upload license key in the authentication code window

2014-08-31: 1.9.4

  • Update: Improved error message when trying to create albums from a 500px account that does not allow creating albums (i.e. the 500px account needs to be upgraded)
  • Fix: WordPress photo uploads no longer cause a new post notification to be sent out to followers of the WordPress blog

2014-08-28: 1.9.3

  • Update: Dropbox authentication now uses the newer OAuth2 for authentication
  • Update: Facebook supports many additional video formats
  • Update: Facebook and 500px services remember if you last uploaded to the News Feed/Library

2014-08-18: 1.9.2

  • New: Zenfolio setting for auto-linking Raw files to photos

2014-08-14: 1.9.1

  • New: Raw files can be uploaded to Zenfolio
  • New: Facebook setting to specify the privacy of newly created albums
  • New: Facebook setting to specify the privacy of newly created photos
  • New: Facebook setting to choose whether a news feed story is auto-generated for the photo upload
  • New: Facebook can upload directly to the news feed as well as to albums

2014-08-07: 1.9

  • Fix: Changing between multiple accounts for the same upload service works again

2014-08-07: 1.8.9

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2014-08-06: 1.8.8

  • New: Zenfolio photos can be replaced if they have been previously uploaded using the plug-in
  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2014-08-02: 1.8.7

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to 500px (
  • Fix: Publishing to an album that no longer exists on the upload service is no longer an endless operation

2014-07-31: 1.8.6

  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 5.6

2014-07-29: 1.8.5

  • Fix: Using “Publish” to upload photos to a newly created album no longer periodically causes a second album of the same name to be created

2014-07-28: 1.8.4

  • Fix: Select first album in list when exporting

2014-07-26: 1.8.3

  • New: Option when exporting to Zenfolio to specify the privacy setting applied to newly created albums
  • Update: Licensed-only settings have their own section in the Settings window


  • Fix: Choosing a Dropbox album using the Export album selection window works correctly again
  • Fix: Creating Dropbox albums in the root folder now works again

2014-07-09: 1.8.2

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Zenfolio (
  • New: Photo’s parent folder name is now used as the default album name when exporting

2014-07-01: 1.8.1

  • Fix: Selecting sub-folders in the album selection window is now possible again

2014-07-01: 1.8

  • New: Option when exporting to Flickr to specify the privacy setting applied to uploaded photos

2014-06-30: 1.7.9

  • Fix: Flickr communication now uses SSL (i.e. HTTPS links)

2014-06-24: 1.7.7

  • New: Dropbox upload limit increased from 150MB to 10GB
  • Update: Google Drive and Dropbox now use chunked, resumable uploads for large files

2014-06-20: 1.7.6

  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2014-06-18: 1.7.5

  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 5.5

2014-06-16: 1.7.4

  • Update: Export settings window now only shows settings that are applicable to the chosen upload service

2014-06-13: 1.7.3

  • Update: Recently used albums shortcut list, when exporting, increased to 10 (from just 1)

2014-06-09: 1.7.2

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Bitcasa (

2014-06-05: 1.7.1

  • New: Authentication window now has a button to show the authentication URL, which can be used if the Web browser does not open at the appropriate authentication page
  • New: Added a button to take you to the plug-in Website from the Export settings window

2014-06-04: 1.7

  • Update: OneDrive file upload limit now set to 100MB based on limitations of Microsoft’s OneDrive APIs

2014-06-03: 1.6.9

  • Fix: Prevented an error message if cancelling the authentication window

2014-05-30: 1.6.8

  • New: Option when exporting to reproduce part of the original folder hierarchy when uploading photos to upload services that permit folder structures, i.e. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box
  • New: Export Settings window is available for editing from within the album selection window when exporting
  • Update: Additional error reporting when trying to authenticate with a self-hosted WordPress site that does not have the Jetpack plugin installed and JSON API enabled

2014-05-15: 1.6.6

  • Fix: Deleting photos from a WordPress publish service now displays a warning that WordPress does not allow photos to be deleted by the plug-in
  • Fix: Photos are now deleted from publish services even if there is an error deleting them on the upload service

2014-05-12: 1.6.5

  • Update: WordPress now has a permanent published collection in Lightroom so that you can upload to WordPress from a publish service
  • Fix: Publishing no longer creates an additional and incorrect album entry on the upload service
  • Fix: Publish service albums on Box can now be deleted correctly

2014-05-07: 1.6.4

  • Update: Attempted connection to upload service has a connection timeout of 20 seconds and reports if the connection failed

2014-04-08: 1.6.3

  • New: Export setting for specifying a base folder to start at when choosing the destination album during Exporting
  • Update: Version status is highlighted in blue in the plug-in settings if a new version of the plug-in is available for download
  • Update: All albums (that do not exist) in a hierarchy online are created during Publishing
  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 5.4

2014-03-18: 1.6.2

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to WordPress (
  • Update: Global settings moved to become local settings to allow the settings to be different for each upload service

2014-02-28: 1.6.1

  • Fix: Photos other than JPEGs can be uploaded to Box

2014-02-21: 1.6

  • Update: Renamed SkyDrive to OneDrive

2014-02-17: 1.5.9

  • Fix:  Published collections that were created for this plug-in’s publish services by other plug-ins can be deleted without an incorrect warning


  • Update: Minor updates and improvements

2014-01-13: 1.5.7

  • Update: Direct link to the Update window from the window displayed if the version check fails
  • Update: Update window automatically checks for the latest version when it is opened, rather than waiting on the Update button to be clicked

2014-01-09: 1.5.6

  • Fix: Version checking works correctly

2014-01-09: 1.5.5

  • Fix: Authenticating for Flickr works correctly

2014-01-08: 1.5.4

  • Fix: Authenticating for Dropbox works correctly

2014-01-07: 1.5.3

  • Fix: Uploading to Flickr no longer reports an error even if the upload was successful

2014-01-07: 1.5.2

  • Fix: Authenticating for Flickr works again

2013-12-31: 1.5.1

  • New: Option in the Settings dialog to enable multiple simultaneous uploads. Default is disabled. Some services such as Picasa Web rely on the upload order for the photo order in the exported album. Having the setting for multiple uploads enabled does not allow a guaranteed upload order

2013-12-24: 1.5

  • Update: Authentication status message now indicates if no network connection is available rather than just failing without a warning/error message

2013-12-19: 1.4.9

  • New: Select your main Facebook account or one of your Facebook pages when authenticating against Facebook
  • Update: Photos uploaded to Box are previewed correctly when opened in a Web browser after selecting “Go to published photo” in a published collection

2013-12-15: 1.4.8

  • Update: Option in the Settings dialog for using photo file names as the photo titles now uses the uploaded file name rather than the original file name

2013-12-14: 1.4.7

  • New: Option in the Settings dialog allows you to use photo file names as the photo titles when uploading

2013-12-08: 1.4.6

  • Fix: Updating album at end of export no longer causes a crash if all uploaded photos did not have a date set in their metadata

2013-11-28: 1.4.5

  • Update: Ensure the correct album gets selected when OKing the Export album selection dialog before the available list of albums has finished loading

2013-11-26: 1.4.4

  • Update: Upload performance improved by allowing multiple simultaneous uploads


  • Update: Upload and download speeds reported to log file

2013-11-12: 1.4.2

  • Fix: Plug-in reports the system version correctly to the log file

2013-11-11: 1.4.1

  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 5.3

2013-10-25: 1.3.9

  • Update: Improved error message when using an old version of this plug-in with a newer version of Lightroom

2013-10-22: 1.3.8

  • Update: Improved error reporting during plug-in Update

2013-10-17: 1.3.7

  • Fix: Albums are published to the correct upload service if multiple services have been set up

2013-10-09: 1.3.6

  • Update: Published Collections not created by Photo Upload will have corresponding albums created on the upload service during a Publish operation

2013-10-08: 1.3.5

  • Fix: Temporary files deleted (it was broken since 1.3)

2013-10-08: 1.3.4

  • Fix: Authentication refreshing works (it was broken since

2013-10-07: 1.3.3

  • Fix: Plug-in “Update” works (it was broken since 1.3.1)

2013-10-02: 1.3.2

  • Update: Enabled uploading of CR2 files to Picasa Web

2013-09-29: 1.3.1

  • Fix: User interface on Mac is no longer spaced incorrectly

2013-09-27: 1.3

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Facebook
  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Flickr


  • Updated: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 5.2


  • New: A base folder can be specified for publish services


  • Fix: Retrieving album date from Google Drive during upload no longer causes an error

2013-07-01: 1.1.5

  • New: Picasa Web albums have their date adjusted to correspond to the oldest photo uploaded to them
  • New: When using Publish to upload, if the remote album has been removed it will be created again
  • New: Option for the privacy of newly created Picasa Web albums to be either public or private
  • Fix: File names that contain spaces are now correctly named when uploading to Dropbox


  • New: Option for not overwriting an existing photo if the new photo name is not the same as the previous name
  • Fix: Error message sometimes occurred when selecting an album name during export

2013-06-11: 1.0.8

  • New: Photos can be uploaded to Box

2013-06-10: 1.0.7

  • New: Added a “Version History” button to link to the plug-in’s change-log from within the Update window
  • Update: Now works with Lightroom 5


  • Fix: Large (non-JPG) files can be uploaded to Google Drive (but no previews)


  • Fix: Plug-in “Update” works on Windows (it was working correctly on Macs)
  • Fix: Photos or albums can be deleted from published collections (again)


  • Fix: SkyDrive can upload large photos (again)


  • Update: Photos can be uploaded to the root folder of the upload service (except Picasa Web which has no root folder)


  • New: Folders in the Export dialog can be sorted by name or date in either ascending or descending order with the new “Settings” button in Lightroom’s Plug-in Manager window
  • New: Multiple accounts per upload service can now be created without needing to use Lightroom’s User Presets

2013-04-30: 1.0.5

  • New: Plug-in can be updated directly from Lightroom with the new “Update” button in Lightrooms’s Plug-in Manager window


  • Fix: Authentication for Dropbox now working


  • Fix: Version checking now working correctly

2013-04-11: 1.0.4

  • New: Choose a sub-folder for albums using Export

2013-03-24: 1.0.3

  • Fix: Photos uploaded to Picasa Web can include characters such as “<” and “>”
  • Fix: Uploading photos to a blank new album will upload the photos to the default “Drop Box” album

2013-03-22: 1.0.2

  • New: Chosen path displayed in the album selection window
  • Update: Prevented changing the service or re-authenticating until the previous request has completed
  • Fix: Uploading to Dropbox albums that contains space characters no longer replaces the ” ” with “+”

2013-03-17: 1.0.1

  • New: Publish Service Folders and Albums will connect to existing service folders and albums if the names match
  • New: Non-Latin characters (i.e. Unicode) supported

2013-03-14: 1.0.0

  • Update: Folder hierarchy depth checking now performed for each create folder/album rather than just at plug-in initialisation

2013-03-13: 0.1.3

  • New: Folders and albums can be moved around when using the Publish capability
  • Update: Improved error messages and handling when creating a published service that is not authenticated

2013-03-11: 0.1.2

  • Fix: No longer crashes when there are no existing albums for Picasa Web accounts

2013-03-11: 0.1.1

  • Fix: Valid file extensions checked during export, not during start-up

2013-03-09: 0.1.0

  • New: First pre-release version