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Here’s a really easy to use plug-in for Adobe Lightroom that allows you to upload your photos from Lightroom to the following upload services:

  • Picasa Web (for Google Photos)
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • WordPress
  • Zenfolio
  • 500px
  • FTP
  • SmugMug
  • Twitter
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Tree Mirror – includes all features from older “Tree Mirror Export” plug-in
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Gmail (new)

You can then use your favourite Web browser to share your photos.

Download and installation instructions


Box screenshot 1 Box screenshot 2 Box screenshot 3


See the summary of the features available for each upload service.


If you want to see how easy it is to use the plug-in to upload your photos then take a look at the “How to” guides for Exporting and Publishing.

And if you want to know how to install the plug-in then please check out the Installation guide.

Buy license key for the full version

The full set of capabilities are only available when you buy a license key for a particular upload service.

Please try out the free version before deciding if you want to purchase a license key for the full capabilities.

When you buy a license key from the link below you will automatically be sent an email containing a license key that you should copy and paste into the plug-in.

Buy license key

Installation, support etc.

For information on how to install the plug-in, how to use the plug-in and for a bit of version history, click the following links:

See here for the plug-ins listed on Adobe Add-ons.

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106 thoughts on “Photo Upload”

  1. Hello Rob
    First thank you for your support here.
    Using/have used LR with several publishing plugins like Smugmug Onedrive NexGen Dropbox etx and all with great success. I’m doing something wrong with the upload for Pinterest.
    I believe I have it set up right. It creates the board but sits there w no progress on the upload and after long enough time I close it, go to Pinterest and no images wre uploaded.

    1. Hi,
      I’m a bit confused by this one. Could you make sure you have the latest plug-in installed – it should now be version 4.3.3. You can use the plug-in’s Update button in the settings for it in Plug-in Manager to get the the latest.
      I’ve had a look and can’t reproduce the “no progress” you have mentioned. I did find a bug that prevented albums being created and I’ve fixed that one, but that doesn’t sound like what you reported so I thought I’d ask you to check you’re on the latest version.
      Please try with the latest 4.3.3 version and let me know how you get on.

  2. Flickr Upload from Lightroom: All went well downloading and authorising with payment key. Everything looks fine in Plugin Manager. However when I hit the “Publish” all that appears on Flickr is a blurry rendering of your logo! HELP!!!

    1. Hi,
      You found a bug in the plug-in which is now fixed in version 4.3.2. If you uploaded just one photo to a new album then a plug-in logo picture would be left in the album until you uploaded a second photo.
      Thanks for reporting this, and confirming the fix works.

  3. Google Photos and COSTCO problem. I have 300mb of images loaded onto Google Photos, mostly using the wonderful LR plugin that Rob has provided.

    When you ask to transfer an album from Google Photos to COSTCO, the COSTCO website searches ALL photos loaded into Google Photos first. That is tens of thousand of photos and the system freezes. I talked to COSTCO and asked them to put in an option to NOT search the total number of photos first. They said they would move it up the line.

    Anybody else having this problem??

  4. I was wondering if this still works with the new Amazon Prime Photos… (I didn’t really use Amazon cloud drive, so I wouldn’t know if anything changed on Amazon side or not..)

    1. Yes is the answer. The exception is that the plug-in can only create folders of photos, not albums of photos since Amazon have not yet allowed apps like the plug-in to create “albums”.

    1. Hi,
      Instagram do not provide a legitimate way for apps to upload photos.
      Sorry, if Instagram change their policy then the Photo Upload plugin will support Instagram in the future.

  5. Good morning,

    Is there a way through export or publish to reach a private web site within Facebook. I have admin privileges for the site; however, it is not recognized when I look at the account. The primary site is the only regognized site.

    1. Hi,
      I think you mean you want to publish a photo to a Facebook Group. Facebook does not allow most third party apps, such as this plug-in, to post to Groups, I’m afraid. I’ve asked them in the past and they have said “no”.

  6. Tried to upload to SmugMug as usual got the below message
    Photo Upload 3.6.2: Error authenticating with SmugMug

    Could not retrieve authentication Web link for SmugMug

    Error communicating with SmugMug: ‘HTTP status 0, Unexpected network connection status – connection did not return anything.
    Check for an internet or firewall problem.’
    Deleted credential and tried to add new to no avail, Internet connection and firewall are fine and have not changed.
    Can’t add credentials anymore because above message keeps popping!


    1. Hi,
      You found a bug on Macs running a recent OS update trying to communicate with SmugMug (and quite specific to SmugMug). This should now be fixed in version 3.6.3.
      Thanks for reporting this.

  7. Hi All,

    Rob is correct. Just uploaded a bunch of photos to Picasa this past weekend. Rumors of demise slightly exaggerated?

    One thing I don’t like about Google + is no “Slideshow” feature. My 2 year old granddaughter loves to watch slideshows on my Chromecast big screen TV using Picasa slideshow. I have searched the Google BBs and can’t find anything that says they intend to restore this feature. Just do it Google! Borrow the code from Picasa and get it done.


    1. I can’t believe the slide show is gone, was gonna run pictures on the TV for a grad party and have been trying to figure out what happened to it! If you found a better site I can run thru a TV let me know, would appreciate it

  8. Question,

    I have both the Picasa and Flickr plug-ins. They are magic and work great. Picasa web albums will not be supported after May 1, 2016. It will be replaced with Google Photos.

    Will you provide a new plug-in to replace the Picasa upload -or- will your plugin still work with Google Photos?

    Thank you!

      1. Rob,

        Very helpful! Sorry I missed your initial announcement. Hopefully you won’t need a court order [FBI?] to see the information you need to keep your product relevant and useful! Great tool set!


    1. Hi,
      The problem was with the login/authentication for the plug-in to access to Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon takes all the logins through and there were some problems with the user experience for Japanese and Chinese customers.
      I’ve asked Amazon to comment and if they agree I’ll be very happy to remove the plug-in’s restriction.

        1. Amazon have confirmed that the plug-in no longer needs to do a check for Japanese or Chinese languages. Their Web login that the plug-in uses now does the necessary checks.
          Please use the Update button to update the plug-in to version 3.4.7 (or later) and you should now be able to connect to Amazon Cloud Drive.

  9. Does this plugin support putting the photos into the proper albums in Amazon’s cloud drive or is it only uploading to folders? I don’t see any of my albums listed in the plugin right now.

    1. Hi,
      Amazon Cloud Drive does not currently allow apps such as this plug-in to create or modify albums. So the answer to your question is no – Amazon and the plug-in only allows upload to folders.
      This forum Amazon forum shows the questions asked by other app developers:
      I assume that Amazon will add this capability in the future – so hopefully the plug-in will eventually be able to use albums.
      One problem with albums on Amazon Cloud Drive is that they require that you first have to have your photos uploaded to one of their folders. So even if Amazon did allow apps to play with albums, it may be quite cumbersome/complex to specify 1) a folder to upload your photos to and then 2) an album to apply the photos to to all within the same upload process from the plug-in in Lightroom.

  10. I am interested in using several of the publish service (7 different ones). Is there a discount when ordering multiple services?

  11. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the VERY fast response.

    I incorrectly referred to Facebook as you indicated. This problem is only something I noticed with Flickr and I was always looking through my close to 3000 photos on that site to see if there were any remnant thumb images still there. I WAS in fact using an out-dated version and am now downloading 3.0.7.

    I did find the right location for the plugin and replaced my logo with the temporary thumb that you provide. I’ll probably do that again with the new version of the plugin. (Even though I now understand that it’s going to be deleted when the upload completes.

    Thanks again for your hard work on the plugin and also for your TRULY WONDERFUL SUPPORT!

    Rick Carmichael

    Founder – LuxViz

    Creative Media for Promoting Luxury Properties & Lifestyles

    Jl Raya Canggu 155
    Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 80361

    +62 (0)878 610 33533

  12. Hi, I’m testing out this out on a laptop with a sub-1080p resolution and have found that the settings menu trails off of the bottom of the screen. The only way to change the bottom few options as well as hit ok and confirm it seems is to change the screen orientation by way of “ctrl+alt+[arrow key].” Definitely a great product however, and I plan on purchasing a license soon despite this small annoyance from my budget machine. Just thought I’d report the issue.

    1. Ah – I spotted this myself the other day and knew I’d have to do something about it. You beat me 🙂
      Thanks for highlighting it – I’ll try and work out how to make the Settings window wider and less deep.

      1. Thanks! I’m already loving the convenience of this plugin. Also just wondering, is there a way to transfer my license from one device to another? Just thinking ahead is all.

  13. I have Lightroom 4, running the paid version of Photo Upload. If I update to Lightroom 6, do I need to reinstall Photo Upload? Will my existing license cover the new version of Lightroom?

    1. Hi,
      If you reinstall Lightroom over the top of your old version 4 then you should not need to reinstall the plugin.
      Your existing license will work with Lightroom 6, but make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin.

  14. Does
    have rights over my photos when I give them acces via LR? im confused about this service?

    1. No – the Photo Upload plug-in does not have any rights over your photos.
      I think you are trying to authenticate with OneDrive (correct?), in which case the message is saying that the plug-in is requesting authentication with your OneDrive account (so that it can upload your photos). Most online providers, such as OneDrive, have such a mechanism in place to make sure that only apps and plug-ins that you authorise can connect to your account.
      There is some information on the plug-in’s authentication here:
      Does that help?

  15. V2.8.5
    I had created in “LR CC” export presets which I use with multiple accounts i.e. Flickr and Picasa.
    Now settings were saved with Flickr selected as follows:
    -Photo title and summary set to file name no ext.
    -Open album set to uncheck
    -Privacy of new album set to Public
    I just switch on the same preset Upload to Picasa with a different account. The settings are back to a default of some sort :
    -Photo title and summary set to file name & Title and Caption.
    -Open album set to check
    -Privacy of new album set to Private
    Conversely it does the same when I switch back from Picasa to Flickr.
    I can’t go on like this and need to check the settings for every preset I have to see if there were not reset by your update.
    with every update you do, and everytime I switch accounts.

  16. Okay, understandable. I should see if there is a lightroom work around. I want to backup 20K photos to the cloud, so small handfuls isn’t the most efficient.

  17. I’m trying to use the Amazon uploader to back up my images to Amazon Drive. It works fine, but I quickly get a message that says my hard drive is full. Then if I cancel the Publish, the hard drive drops again releasing the space. Something is being cached or created, but it doesn’t seem to be cleaning itself up as it goes. Is this a known issue?

    1. Hi,
      My understanding is that Lightroom makes a copy of each photo according to your export/publish settings. It keeps these copies around until the export/publish has completed and then deletes them as a final step. So if you’re running low on space you’ll have to find a way to work around this. Perhaps upload smaller amounts of photos at a time?

      1. Yes, this is a pain, and the reason I am not exporting anything from Lightroom anymore (unless it is a handful of pics to Facebook or something). It is laughable that Adobe has given us no way of changing where this particular caching occurs. (other cache folders you do have control over, but not this one). I have Win10/Lightroom installed on a SSD, and with the amount of pictures I take in a short period of time, trying to upload them in full quality filled up my harddrive with the 50GB I had available, in a matter of minutes. Even changing in the registry has no effect. I even tried to change the file system hardlinks so it actually stores on a different drive but looks like the location it wants to be in, but that failed since Lightroom changes the folder name each time, and doing it to the main Temp folder (with presumable open files all the time) fails.

  18. I’m really happy to see a plugin supporting Amazon, given their unlimited storage. However, the storage is perfect for raw uploads, but your plugin doesn’t upload the sidecar xmp files, or have a way to incorporate them. Are we forced to use DNG, or is there a way to have it also upload the metadata files?


    1. Hi,
      You’re right, the plug-in today does not check for XMP sidecars and upload any relevant ones.
      And DNG would be the only way to take the LR metadata with the files.
      I’ll see if I can add an option to support XMP files.

    2. Hi,
      The Photo Upload plug-in now (version 2.3.5) has a new option to allow you to upload sidecar (XMP) files alongside RAW photos.
      Hopefully this is the feature you were after.

  19. Hi Rob,
    Upload to Bitcasa not working after Bitcasa suspended my infinite account and moved to 1TB account.

    The portal page was changed from to the change might also have affected the developer’s API as well since I am getting errors when trying to authorize my account. The following errors was showing instead:

    Authorization Required

    This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn’t understand how to supply the credentials required.

    It would be really greatfull if you can have a look at this for me. Much appreciated.


    1. Hi,
      Bitcasa have really changed things… and haven’t been exactly public and clear about what the changes are.
      They appear to have removed access for third parties to consumer Bitcasa storage accounts.
      Bitcasa only seem to offer a single API – and that does not provide access to consumer accounts (like the old Bitcasa allowed).
      So, I don’t think there is anything I can do – Bitcasa have really changed their business strategy and it’s no longer possible for a plug-in to access consumer accounts.
      Sorry not to have better news – maybe Bitcasa will change their policy in the future?

  20. Thanks for removing the extension from the file name, it works fine in Flickr, but in Picasa no name at all gets carried over even if settings are on Filename (no extension).


    1. Hi,
      I’ve released a new version (1.9.7), please give it a go.
      You have discovered that Picasa Web does not use the photo title for the descriptive text. The photo title is actually visible under the “photo information” section in Picasa Web. The plug-in now has a new option for choosing a value to put in the photo summary. This summary is the descriptive value that is shown by Picasa Web. With the new plug-in, set your photo summary to be your filename and then you hopefully have what you need.
      Please let me know how you get on.

      1. Thanks that works fine for me.
        Super reponse time, it is very much appreciated.

        I have purchased another copy for my friend (Flickr and I will add Picasa now that it works).


  21. Hi Rob,

    When I export a lot of pictures (991) from Lightroom to Onedrive, my harddrive quickly runs full. When I start I have 35Gb free space, but after 30 minutes or so, I only have 200Mb left and the computer stops. I found out the problem is in the temp directory in users/bart/appdata. I have the pictures stored on a NAS and not on the computer itself… Is there a way to fix this? Thx!

    Gr. Bart-Jan

    1. Hi,
      I’ve just had a look into this.
      It seems that when you export in Lightroom that Lightroom creates a temp folder and generates a temp copy of each photo to be exported inside it. In parallel the plug-in uploads each photo from the temp folder. When the plug-in has finished uploading, then Lightroom removes the temp photos and folder.
      Your export of 991 photos will cause Lightroom to try and create a temp folder with 991 temp photos inside. I don’t think there is anything that this plug-in can do about this – this is just the way Lightroom works.
      I did notice this thread on Adobe about some people having exactly the same problem as you:
      You could try moving your system temp folder to a drive with more space (there’s a link for how to do that in that Adobe thread)? A bit extreme, but I can’t think of anything else other than freeing up more space on your current C drive.

  22. Hi

    Is there a way to show the normal album update notification for other people in Facebook?

    With the current Plugin-Version I have to share the album every time I upload new photos with Lightroom.


    1. Hi,
      The plug-in specifically prevents new photos from being added to the newsfeed. If I added an option to allow a new story to be created on the newsfeed when a new photo is uploaded, would that help do you think?

        1. Hi,
          There’s now a new version of the plug-in (1.9.1 at the time of writing) that includes a Facebook setting for auto-generating a notification on the news feed.
          Does this help? Kindly let me know.
          You can also post photos directly to the timeline rather than creating an album.

  23. Hi,

    I have purchased the latest version 1.9. Having read the previous comments I noted that you remarked, “When you authorise the plugin for your Facebook account you will get a list of accounts and pages you can administer. Just choose one from the list.”

    I assumed that if I was the Administrator for a Facebook group that I would be able to upload directly to that group. This does not seem to be the case.

    Have I missed something?


    1. Hi,
      The plug-in allows you to upload to Facebook albums and pages. There appears to be a different method for plug-ins to upload to Facebook groups that I haven’t investigated yet. I’ll look into it though if this is of interest?

      1. Rob,

        Thank you for the speedy response. I am impressed!

        This would certainly be of interest to me! I would imagine that this would be quite popular given the number of groups that are very image oriented. For example I belong to and administer a number of travel related groups as well as other groups that relate to wildlife.

        Is there any way that we (you!) can ascertain the interest in developing the plugin to include Facebook groups.



      2. Hi Rob,

        Thank you for the added functionality in version 1.9.1 as mentioned in the reply to Stokowitch’s post. All extra functionality is appreciated!

        Have you had any further thoughts on the plugin being able to upload direct to a group which one administrates?


        1. Hi Bob,
          I’ve spent some time looking into this and I don’t think it’s currently possible for a third party app, like this plug-in, to create a photo or an album within a Facebook group.
          Trawling Google, I can see various people have tried to create photos and albums within a group (using Facebook’s API) but haven’t succeeded.
          I think I’ll have to monitor the Facebook API and see what changes they make in the future. I assume Facebook will eventually permit this, but I don’t think it is possible just yet.
          Sorry! Rob

  24. got the trail version and finally got to install and show up in LR 5.5 in plug in manager. However it does not show up in Export drop down menu even after restarting LR.

    1. Worked it out … I was expecting this to work through the drop down menu (as shown on Adobe site) instead of selecting Export menu and then selecting.

      Got it to work as trail version. Thanks

      1. Hi,
        Thanks for getting in touch.
        I think using the plug-in from the Export menu or Export button is the simplest.
        The screenshot on Adobe’s website shows the menu for Publish Services.

  25. Purchased a new license (former licensee of Picasaweb Upload Plugin) and did not receive an email. I am hung out to dry waiting for this since I upgraded to LR5.

    1. Hi. You should have received your license key. I’ll resend it now. Can you confirm that you’ve got it and perhaps check your junk email? Thanks.

    1. Hi, unless I hear of significant demand for then I’m afraid I can’t justify the time to make a suitable plug-in for it.
      Thanks, Rob

  26. Hi!
    I have noticed that geotags of photos do not appear in Google + albums. This Function not released in the Photo Upload?

    1. Hi,
      I’ve just done a quick test and the photo I uploaded to Google+ does show the location info.
      In your Lightroom Export (or Publish) settings, under Metadata, have you ensured “Remove Location Info” is not ticked?

  27. I did order the Picasa Plugin through your website but haven’t seen an email for hours. Did check Spam filters very seriously.
    Payment was done through PayPal. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks.

    1. You appear to have accidentally entered the wrong email address when purchasing your license. I’ve fixed the typo and you should have by now received your license key.

  28. After using this a couple weeks, I am totally pleased. In the past I edited my photos in Picasa and saved them to web albums. I got a better camera recently and now use Lightroom but I wanted to keep using Picasa web albums ( now Google +, I guess). Photo Upload works great for me, using the Export method. I also found a $4 app (Web Albums for Picasa, or something like that) that organizes and displays my photos beautifully on the iPad and iPhone. The two are a great combination. I recommend them highly.

      1. Hi. Version 1.4.9 of Photo Upload now allows you to upload photos to a Facebook “page”. When you authorise the plugin for your Facebook account you will get a list of accounts and pages you can administer. Just choose one from the list.

  29. thx for the quick reply.
    I do have the latest version.
    I want to use the publish method for updating/adding photos in existing albums.
    For example:
    I have a smart-album (which adds photos with specific keywords to that album). Then I would like to be able to publish everything in that album to my (already existing) album on Google+

    Is that possible or is that just something that cannot be done with this plugin?

  30. Hi,

    I purchased the Photo Upload plugin yesterday.
    Is says you should be able to upload(and update?) photos in existing albums, but I can’t figure out how to do this.
    “Upload photos to any existing album of your choice”

    Can you let me know how to do this?
    Also, when you change a photo already in an album…does the existing photo get updated or does another version of the same photo get uploaded?


    1. There is a guide that explains how to upload photos to an existing album:
      If you have already uploaded a photo to Picasa Web (in your case) then the default settings are for that existing photo to be updated/replaced.
      The latest version of the plug-in allows you to specify the rules for when to update your photos so that photos are not always replaced. I don’t think you have the latest version – Adobe are incredibly slow to update the version on their website. You can download the latest here:

  31. when i try to publish using the plug-in, I got the following error:

    Lightroom version is incompatible with this plug-in

  32. my photos are being blocked on upload with this plugin due to a file size limit of 20mb … I’m wondering why this plugin only works with picasa “google+” … and not the stand alone “picasa web albums” application (with larger file size allowance) …
    is there a way to allow lager file sizes with this lightroom/plugin … in picasa? … or am I forced to use google’s own software to upload pics larger than 20mb?

    1. after looking back at my photo uploads through picasa … it seems that picasa drops the file size automatically … to get it under the limit …

      It never prompts me about it … it just does it each time the file is over 20mb … since it is the rare case the the file is over 20mb … i have never notice it before … sorry for the confusion on my part …

  33. PhotoUpload will not authorize Dropbox. (I can log in to my account from Dropbox’s web site responds with “Your Dropbox account is now connected with Lightroom – Photo Upload!” and after clicking OK in Lightroom, PhotoUpload still says “Not authorized with Dropbox”.

    Google Drive works fine.

    What can the problem be?

    Lars Tafjord

    1. Ah – you found a bug… Sorry, the Dropbox authorisation is a little different to the others.
      The bug has now been fixed in Please download the latest, and hopefully confirm that the plug-in now authorises correctly with Dropbox.
      Thanks for reporting the problem,

      1. It ( now authorises fine with Dropbox, and uploading seems to work as expected.

        Thanks for your quick response and fix.


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