Version history (SDU)

2014-07-31: 1.1.7

  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 5.6

2014-06-18: 1.1.6

  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 5.5

2014-04-08: 1.1.5

  • Update: Unlicensed version allows upload with Lightroom 5.4

2014-03-04: 1.1.4

  • Update: Direct link to the Update window from the window displayed if the version check fails
  • Update: Update window automatically checks for the latest version when it is opened, rather than waiting on the Update button to be clicked

2013-12-19: 1.1.3

  • Fix: Plug-in does not display an error when starting up with other plug-ins

2013-11-12: 1.1.2

  • Fix: Plug-in reports the system version correctly to the log file

2013-11-11: 1.1.1

  • Updated: Unlicensed version works with Lightroom 5.3

2013-11-01: 1.1

  • Fix: Complete list of SkyDrive folders and albums at the root level is now presented during Export

2013-09-18: 1.0.9

  • Updated: Unlicensed version works with Lightroom 5.2

2013-07-09: 1.0.8

  • Updated: Unlicensed version works with Lightroom 5

2013-06-13: 1.0.7

  • Updated: Licensed version works with Lightroom 5
  • New: Plug-in can be updated directly from Lightroom with the new “Update” button in Lightrooms’s Plug-in Manager window
  • New: Added a “Version History” button to link to the plug-in’s changelog from within the Update window

2013-03-15: 1.0.6

  • Fix: No longer crashes when there are no existing albums on the SkyDrive account

2013-03-11: 1.0.5

  • Updated: Free version now works with Lightroom 4.4 (the licensed version already worked with 4.4)
  • New: Can create folders (published collection sets)
  • Updated: Renamed “Published Collections” to “Albums”


  • Fix: Sending large files now compatible with older versions of Mac OS (e.g. Snow Leopard)


  • Fix: Correct a silent failure on Macs
  • Fix: Published Collections can be renamed


  • Fix: Cannot rename default published collection if plug-in not licensed
  • Updated: Album no longer automatically opens in Web browser when publishing a collection
  • Fix: Can create default published collection if plug-in not licensed

2013-01-02: 1.0.3

  • Updated: Large files (greater than ~5MB) can be uploaded to SkyDrive
  • Fix: SkyDrive accounts without a profile name no longer cause an authentication error


  • Fix: Authentication no longer failing (SkyDrive authentication now has offline access)


  • Fix: Quota only displayed if account authenticated

2012-12-18: 1.0.2

  • New: Quota displayed in Export/Publish window

2012-12-01: 1.0.1

  • Fix: Minor fixes and updates

2012-12-01: 1.0.0

  • New: First version


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