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Note: The capabilities of this plug-in are now available as part of the Photo Upload plug-in. This Tree Mirror Export plug-in will be removed in the future so please consider installing the latest version of Photo Upload and choose the service called “Tree Mirror”. All the current features of this plug-in remain free to use within Photo Upload.

Here’s an easy to use addition for Lightroom that allows you to export your photos into a new folder while retaining the original folder hierarchy.

For example, all my original (RAW) photos are stored in:

e.g. Z:\Pictures\Originals\2010\2010-01-11 Aconcagua

I want a low resolution (e.g. 1920 x 1080 JPEG) mirror of the equivalent folder hierarchy stored in:

Z:\Pictures\Low Resolution
e.g. Z:\Pictures\Low Resolution\2010\2010-01-11 Aconcagua


  • Export photos into a new folder with a folder hierarchy matching the original photos
  • Export photos to a Lightroom Publish Service album hierarchy (album names are auto-generated from the photo folder names)

Please let me know how you get on with this plug-in and leave a comment below.


If you want to see how easy it is to use the plug-in to export your photos and keep part of the folder hierarchy then take a look at this guide Using Tree Mirror Export.

If you make use of this Tree Mirror Export plug-in then kindly consider making a contribution towards its development via PayPal. Every penny or cent gratefully received.


See here for the plug-ins listed on Adobe Add-ons.

Installation, support etc.

For information on how to install the plug-in, how to use the plug-in and for a bit of version history, click the following links:

Thanks to Jeffrey Friedl and Rob Cole for the various Lightroom SDK tips and tricks that they’ve shared via Websites and forums.


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